Friday, February 14, 2014

Daily Spider Bomb! Week 9 - The best thing to grace this strip since Kingpin's floating head screen: MANBOT

Is it the reality TV that's better in the Marvel Universe, or simply the reality?

Jameson's expression is priceless, but Kaitlin Kirn's is better.  She just now noticed that Jameson isn't wearing any pants.

Oh, so the "device" is a cell phone.  

Jeez, what could be worse than Skyping with J. Jonah Jameson?

Manbot has no time for your web-based puns!  Admit it, your powers are useless!  Oh wait, that's what you just said.

So the guy controlling the robot can't actually see what's going on?  That's a bad user interface.

Sunday Spider-Man!  Where the talk show ladies are hotter and the robots have the bling, yo!


Anonymous said...

Finally some action! This time it's Spider-Man vs the "Manbot". I wonder how Spidey is gonna defeat the "Manbot" that's like five times more powerful than him.

Btw Octo, your comment about Jameson not wearing pants is hilarious!

JPX said...

I don't understand how any of this is legal. J.J.J. can just attack and shoot anyone he wants?

This was the best week yet!