Saturday, October 11, 2014

Godmonster of Indian Flats

(1973 ) 1 Gretchen

(SBIG ) 4 Gretchens

An actual sheep
Would be more threatening than
This movie’s monster

Octopunk's review
Was far superior to
The movie itself

Who’s responsible
For this so bad it’s good gem?
Believe it or not

One man directed,
Wrote and did “monster design”:
Mr. Fredric Hobbs

DVD bonus
Something Weird video shorts
Check these out as well

If you watch just one:
You Can't Fart Around With Love
Will scare you to death!


Catfreeek said...

That has to be the weirdest video.

DCD said...

Wow - I couldn't get past two minutes on that one!

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Tis true: You CANNOT fart around with love.