Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Here Comes The Devil

(2012) ***1/2

This film opens out of left field with a spicy lesbian sex scene. When the lovers have finished they hear someone at the door. One of the ladies goes down to answer and when she doesn't return the other woman finds her at the bottom of the stairs being viciously attacked by a man. She clubs the man over the head and he runs out the door but not before chopping the fingers off of her girlfriend. He runs off into the hills like a crazed lunatic stripping off his clothes. Cut to a family of four relaxing on an outing. Son and daughter run off to explore a rocky hillside while mom and dad stay behind and get a little action in the car. When the children don't return the parents get panicked and call the police. The following day the kids are found wandering on the road and are returned home to the parents but they are not acting quite like themselves.

Another decent Spanish horror flick. Felt more like a short story then a full length film even though the film is a full hour and a half long. Maybe that's because it moved along quite well. This film hits several hot spots, creepy kids, revenge, a psychopathic murderer & the supernatural. With that kind a lineup you really can't lose.


AC said...

Another good find, catfreeek!

Landshark said...

Sounds excellent. Creepy kids always get me.

DCD said...

Sounds very cool!

Johnny Sweatpants said...

You had me with the name of the movie and your first sentence!