Friday, October 03, 2014

Land of the Dead

(2005) 3 Gretchens

Mindless zombie hordes
Seem to be getting smarter
And they’re not happy

Living in squalor
The uninfected masses
Struggle to survive

High above it all
The wealthy and powerful
Carelessly indulge

Greed and treachery
Tip the delicate balance
And chaos ensues


DCD said...

Hmm. Sounds quite solid.
I'm sure I haven't watched this.
Added to the queue!

Catfreeek said...

I liked this one too and I'm glad it merited a 4 haiku review.

AC said...

DCD, haiku?!?!
could this be a comment trend?
nah, too much pressure.

AC said...

hey, mr. ac,
is this what you were watching
at 3 this morning?

Mr. AC said...

Zombie movies are good for insomnia.

Mr. AC said...

Hey there DCD
Enjoyed your haiku comment
Psyched for your review