Tuesday, October 04, 2016


(2013) ***

“A friend helps you move; a good friend helps you move a body.”

Kip Desmond has a casual fling that ends with a dead body on his motel room floor. Kip informs his best friend, Marvin, of this unfortunate turn of events and Marvin assures him that he will take care of it. After getting rid of the body Marvin starts to ask for favors, such as giving him $5000. Soon Marvin’s demands for his “silence” become overwhelming for Kip.

This is a terrific little indie movie about the perils of keeping dangerous secrets and the price of friendship. The two leads are excellent and the slow-build tension pays off as Marvin’s favors/demands intensify. To say any more would be criminal, check it out!

I love my friends but I’m not hiding a dead body for them, do you want to fight about it?


Catfreeek said...

Come on! It's just one little body, nobody will miss it.

DKC said...

I want to fight about it!

AC said...

No fighting from me, I'm not helping move a dead body for anyone!