Friday, October 28, 2016

The Sand

(2015) **1/2

During a late night beach party two teens find a large, slime-covered object and carry it to the party to show off. It is viewed and quickly forgotten. In the morning 8 of the party-goers wake up to find that something is strange. The beach is deserted yet piles of clothing, blankets, etc. remain. Waking up (topless!) on top of a picnic table, Marsha, steps onto the sand and finds that she is unable to move. Screaming to her friends she slowly sinks into the sand and disappears in a bloody mess. The remaining twenty-somethings quickly ascertain that the sand is holding a deadly secret. Fortunately for the survivors they are all safe as long as they do not step onto the sand. Four of the party-goers slept in their car (that no longer starts) with their cell phones trapped in the trunk. Two others slept in the lifeguard tower and one unfortunate soul was stuffed into a trash can during the party. Together they try to figure out the sand’s deadly secret while attempting to get off the beach.

The Sand is basically Blood Beach (1980) but much more enjoyable. Essentially a predicament movie involving attractive people in their bathing suits, the story unfolds quickly and makes the most of its meager budget. This is just dumb, mindless fun but I bet you will watch it from beginning to end (you just won’t admit it).


DKC said...

Reminds me of The Raft. Which I just found out was in Creepshow 2... did not realize that. Sounds like the sort of dumb, mindless horror movie that I like!

Trevor said...

I like the title, The Sand. So minimal, yet ominous. Like a hipster restaurant. Huh. You ever notice how hipster restaurant names could easily be horror movie titles:

1. Soda & Swine
2. Salt & Cleaver
3. Big Front Door
4. lemonade
5. Egg Slut

DKC said...

Lol, Trevor. I definitely want to see Egg Slut!