Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Patient Seven


This is a joint Catfreeek & Abduscias review:

Michael Ironside plays Dr. Daniel Marcus a psychiatrist for the criminally insane. He has some very unconventional methods of treatment and he has chosen a small group of murderers to inflict thus treatment on. The treatment forces them to confront the sequence of events in their lives that led them to murder. Each person's story plays out in reenactment so the film winds up being more of an anthology but with a solid common thread, that being the doctor. As with all anthologies some segments are better than others but all are interesting. Each patient is driven to murder uniquely including some brushes with the supernatural (ghosts, vampires and zombies). Patient Seven, albeit predictable, brings forth a uniqueness that is seriously lacking in modern horror. Each story is fresh and engaging on it's own. One of the segments stars Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy) and he does a bang up job as a cold serial killer. Overall we found it very enjoyable.

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JPX said...

I love anthology and will most definitely check this one out! At some point I want to make a list of all the anthology films we have reviewed.