Monday, October 08, 2012


(2012) *

This is one of the anthology films.... gone overboard.  most films like this have 3 or 4 tales or stories.  v/h/s has six.  All found footage.  All completely unrelated to each other. 

The over-arching narrative of this film is that a group of houligan criminals living someplace snowy are given a job to do.  They must break into a home and steal a vhs tape.  They are told they'll know if when they see it.  When they get there, there's a dead guy in a lounger in front of half a dozen televisions, all defaulted to fuzzy snow.  Of course, there are hundreds of video tapes.  The crooks dont' know which one they're supposed to steal.  So, instead of just grabbing them all and leaving, some of the criminals decide to sit down and just start watching them, one by one. 

This movie sucked.

Of the five videos they watch, the longest segment is 25 minutes, the shortest, just ten.  None of the videos really represents a true horror story.  Each segment is just some weird stuff that happens.  None of them have any kind of ending or explanantions.  They're closer to music videos - collages of horror rather than real narratives.  Also, three of the five segments follow the exact same pattern with the same kind of, "oh, he's the one doing it" reveal at the end. 

Skip it. 

It gets one star for this shot. 


Johnny Sweatpants said...

Wow, that's disappointing. I read a rave review about this movie on Slate and was planning on seeing it this week.

I'd like to hear JPX's thoughts on it too since he has become Horrorthon's found footage go-to guy.

50PageMcGee said...


that shot is going to show up in some fucked up nightmares later on tonight. and yeah, five of those doth a masterpiece make.

too bad there's just the one.

Crystal Math said...

That one-star shot has given me inspiration for this year's Zombie Prom! :-D

AC said...

oh no! mr. ac wanted to watch this one. now there's no chance.

Catfreeek said...

I love the way you summed it up in one simple sentence:
"This movie sucked."

JPX said...

I'm disappointed to hear that this sucks; I love anthology and I was looking forward to checking it out. Still, it's found footage so I must watch it...

DCD said...

Bummer! I thought this one had sounded interesting too. It's the same director as House of the Devil so I was hopeful.

JPX said...

DCD, it's not the House of the Devil director, Ti West, Ti West did The Inkeepers. Oops, I just looked it up and Ti West apparently directed one of the segments.

DCD said...

Ha! Do you doubt my research?!? I can google imdb like the best of them!

Octopunk said...

Trevor! Good to see you!

That is indeed a star-worthy shot, but your descriptions of the segments sound like a thing that would particularly annoy me.

Actually, the premise is sort of annoying. The client didn't provide for this possiblilty? Does the framing story end or are they planning thirty sequels?

They should've brought a big magnet.