Thursday, November 01, 2012

Ginger Snaps

(2000) ***

Ginger Snaps was originally recommended by AC, and then Mr. AC's patented haiku review stamp of approval sealed the deal. This one can be snugly filed in the teenage coming of age horror sub-genre next to Carrie and The Craft. Ginger and Brigitte are introduced as two sisters simply trying to navigate the treacherous waters knows as high school. Like many young social outcasts they channel their teen angst inward and embrace the goth culture. Their parents don't understand them (despite their mother's desperate efforts) and their peers treat them with mockery and outright hostility. All they really have is each other and that suits them just fine. 

The bond they share gets tested after Ginger is attacked by the werewolf responsible for the deaths of several neighborhood dogs. This assault occurs on the night of her first menstrual cycle, making the "curse" a strange metaphor for entering womanhood. Unlike the traditional Wolf Man movies where the victim alternates between human and beast depending on the moon, Ginger's transformation begins slowly with increased sexuality, fits of violence and the emergence of a tail. It becomes clear that her metamorphosis will be permanent unless she can find a cure. Brigitte remains loyal to her sister but when Ginger snaps (get it?) she is only capable of so much damage control. 

It's an entertaining film that explores the trials of adolescence and ridiculous gender roles that still stand today, i.e. promiscuous guys are studs while the girls are sluts. I would have ranked it higher if not for the underwhelming look of the beasts and the sisters' dysthymic (to borrow JPX's favorite word) demeanor and monotone voices. 


Catfreeek said...

Since you delved neck deep into the Gingerdead trilogy does this mean we can expect two more Ginger Snaps reviews as well?

Abduscias said...

Ginger Snaps Back is much better :)

Johnny Sweatpants said...

I'll check out the others next year although I'm wary of the 3rd one because it takes place in the 19th century.

Octopunk said...

This is my ninth Horrothon and only now I'm finding out about how both Brothers Xpants have an aversion to the 19th century? How is this possible?

It's also weird that they both brought it up within a week of each other.

Julie taped this on the DVR for a recent 'thon but we never got around to watching it. Good wrap-up. Underwhelming beasts, feh.

DCD said...

I remember having this one on my past wish list and never getting around to it - nice to know it mostly delivers.