Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Speaking of entomology...

Here are a couple of movies that "bugged" me this October . . .

The Fly
(1986) *** 1/2

Seth Brundle is a socially awkward nerd with an ugly, ugly face but a rippin', smashin' body (played by Jeff Goldblum). One night he hits it off with Veronica Quaife (Geena Davis) at a press conference and brings her back to his humble abode warehouse in which he has built a couple of "Telepods" capable of transporting someone from Point A to Point B.

Without Brundle's knowledge, Veronica's editor and former lover obtains the story she gathered from Brundle and publishes it, putting more pressure on Brundle from the science community and bringing him more and more into recluse to perfect his Telepods. Veronica convinces him to document videotapes of his progress for scientists and for posterity. His first project has disgusting results: a baboon is turned inside out. However, his next experiment is a success so he decides to place himself in the Telepod, and therein lies all the similarities of the 1958 original. The doctor undergoes a horrifying transformation, attempts to save himself, and comes to terms with the tragedies of science and experimentation.
I haven't seen an "attack by vomit" sequence until now. It's disgusting, but effective!

The Fly 2
(1989) ***

Seth Brundle's son must use his fly powers to stop corporate evil.
Martin Brundle has been raised in a lab since birth, and even though his accelerated growth half-fly DNA makes him an annoying kid on-screen, that annoying kid disappears about 20 minutes in and we get a socially awkward but exceptionally good-looking nerd, just like his pops.
From left: evil CEO, Martin B, and his love interest.
When Martin comes of age he is given his own apartment by the corporation that raised him with the promise that he will finish his father's work on the Telepods. The Fly 2 is by comparison tamer than its predecessor, and the real "horror" doesn't begin until about 1hr 20 of this 1 hr 40-minute movie. However, the ending is very promising and surprised me at how well this pulled off as a sequel. It could stand alone on its own six legs!

Once Martin realizes he is being watched every moment of his life he rebels and runs away, only to return when his body begins a metamorphosis:
"Could I bother you for a cup of sugar?"


Octopunk said...

"It could stand alone on its own six legs!" Nice.

Great pick! I'm a big fan of both of these.

Catfreeek said...

I have a thing for Jeff Goldblum.

AC said...

both versions of the fly have been in my queue for years bu still haven't seen either. didn't even know there was a sequel. eric stoltz is the best-looking ginger actor i can think of. next year!