Monday, November 05, 2012

Paranormal Entity

(2009) ***1/2

This has been on my list since JPX recommended it in 2010 based on our mutual love for Paranormal Activity.  And I finally got to it as my last flick for Horrorthon 2012.  I was determined to end on a high note and this delivered. 

As JPX and Cat noted in their reviews, this movie has a lot more action then the movie it ripped its premise from.  And it reminded me of another movie that it potentially ripped off, The Entity, which is a movie I remember seeing sometime when I was in my teens. (Which, good lord, how lax were our parents about movies, huh?!?)  The similarity being that the demon force in Paranormal Entity is focused pretty solely on the buxom daughter and it's attacks are sexual in nature.

While not having the suspenseful build of PA - PE had the fast, scarier pace going for it.  Yes, the sets are bizarre and the acting mediocre but the freakiness is solid and I jumped several times.  For those who don't mind the found footage genre or are looking for one that has more action in it, I definitely recommend Paranormal Entity.


Catfreeek said...

The action level is why I liked this I guess I'm just impatient.

Landshark said...

Man you love you some ghost stories. Are you watching these with Desroc or all by yourself in the dark?

DCD said...

He's with me. He was actually trying to sleep next to me while I was watching this on the laptop with headphones. It didn't go well for him.

JPX said...

I'm glad you liked this! It's low budget and all, but it has enough effective scares to make it worthwhile. I can't get enough of this stuff!

Octopunk said...

You guys are hilarious.

Nice review, DCD, does this mean you're done?

DCD said...

It does, Octo. Sigh, one again my goals far outreached my reality. Oh well, there's always next year!