Monday, November 05, 2012

Human Centipede: First Sequence

(2009) *** 1/2

I finally found some free time late on Halloween night, enough to get in one more flick for Horrothon 2012. I didn't have anything in mind though, but I wanted it to be a statement film. This is that statement.

The statement is that Landshark is a long way from the Orson Welles heavy thons of yesteryear. And wow is this a long way from Touch of Evil.

For those who don't remember when this grossness swept through Horrorthon a few years ago (Catfreek, JPX, and 50p all reviewed it), the plot starts out pretty standard. Two American girls traveling through Europe have car trouble, which OF COURSE leads to them being stitched mouth-to-anus with another Japanese tourist guy.

Most awkward red carpet photo ever.

I was reminded a bit of Funny Games during this one--I think the Euros like a sadistic kind of nihilism, and it's pretty unsettling in a way that American movies often aren't. Maybe it's that actual nihilism did have some popular appeal on the eastern part of the continent for a while, but damn, they sell it well. Not that this guy is technically a nihilist--he clearly has a vision--but I feel like movie itself is almost a nihilistic exploration of the-fuck-with-everything.

The doc here is an absolute loon--our first shot of him is fingering a photo of the canine-centipede he'd already made and loved. The depiction of his madness is scarily accurate too--he has that sort of asocial cluelessness and lack of interest/care in what other people are saying or doing that one can imagine a true sociopath having. Indeed, one of his early statements, a total non sequitur, is "I hate people."

Anyway, I enjoyed this a good deal. And best of all, it got me to look back on some of those old reviews, which were an absolute hoot. The last 2 paragraphs of 50ps review are fantastic. I'd also totally forgotten JPX's screencap of the "greatest game ever." Awesome.

Btw, google "Human Centipede Halloween Costume" for some folks who go there.


Catfreeek said...

I'm so proud of you, what wonderful choices you've made this Horrorthon, you bring a tear to my eye. Outstanding review!

DCD said...

I am gobsmacked you watched this! You have really gone for it this year, love seeing your thoughts on some of the more crazy flicks.

50PageMcGee said...

heh, just wait till you watch 2. it gets *way* worse.

great review, as always.

i went digging through the comments of my reviews of the really fucked up movies because i remembered you saying, "not my fucking cup", about one of them. i had to go through the comments of both human centipedes and of a serbian film, before i finally managed to find it under cannibal holocaust.

i believe you're a happier, more well-adjusted person for having avoided these till now.

but now you've been initiated. november is going to be interesting.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Great work this year Landshark! You really embraced the spirit of Horrorthon and pushed yourself into newly depraved depths. I enjoyed reading all of your reviews.

Octopunk said...

Seconded! You really went to the mat this year, and holy crap you watched Human Centipede before I did! Balls rad.

Another great review. The red carpet moment cracked me up.