Monday, November 05, 2012


 (2010) SBIG/WTF?

So this film starts out really promising a cool dude clad head to toe in some kind of black vinyl outfit goes fishing for zombies. He throws them some fresh body parts and while they are eating he drops a big hook and lops their heads off drawing them up to remove this weird looking Y shaped flesh antenna that each of them have protruding from their foreheads. Then his hook gets stuck on a necklace one of the zombies is wearing and as he is trying to shake it free a super strange skull-headed zombie with around a 9 foot neck gets the jump on him and yanks him down into the feeding frenzy. As he is struggling to get away, a super hot chick soars in and kicks some major zombie ass. This is one fat slice of awesomeness, blood is spraying like a high-pressured sprinkler system, and zombie heads are rolling every which way, hell yeah! Then it suddenly takes a turn for the weird, the super hot chick starts pole dancing using the long neck zombie as a pole while some crazy music is playing This is when I stop the film and look up the director, Yoshihiro Nishimura(Tokyo Gore Police, Machine Girl, Meatball Machine), yup that explains it. So now I know I am in for some crazy shit should I choose to complete this mission. Hell yeah, somebody’s gotta do it.

For the remainder of my review I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

 Die you alien zombie scum!
 Don't be jealous of my boogie.
 Japan's male models at the runway show
 If one pyramid head is good, seven must be better
Spider Baby ain't got nothin' on me
Yes, you are looking at a large pile of zombies formed into an airplane holding two rockets. What you don't see is the mad zombie queen standing on top of it flying the whole mess into attack. 

Over the top is not strong enough to describe this film. It seems to go on forever and gets more and more ridiculous by the minute. If you really dig Yoshihiro Nishimura film then this is way up your alley, if not you will be left scratching your head wondering what kind of drugs this guy is on to come up with this shit.


JPX said...

Okay, first of all "Helldriver" might be the coolest name I have ever heard for a horror movie. Second, I have no idea what to think about this althought that zombie airplane is fantastic! I'll leave it up to you to cover all of these films...

Octopunk said...

This was JUST in a article the other day. It's the number 1 listing in The 7 Most Hilarious Foreign Twists on Common Movie Clichés.

I was just thinking that I want to take on all of this crazy Japanese subgenre next year. What do we call it?

Catfreeek said...

Maybe we call it J-mindfuckery but that could also include films like Big Man Japan and such.

50PageMcGee said...

that's funny -- i was totally thinking, "this sounds like Tokyo Gore Police..." right before you got to the part about looking up the director.

great screenshot haul. totally seems like your kind of movie.

looks like you haven't reviewed TGP. you'll love it.

DCD said...

Thank you, Octo! I was trying to figure out where I had just read about a woman on top of a huge zombie "battlemech". I kept thinking someone else just reviewed this movie. How funny!

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Sweet pictures! When I first saw them I thought WTF? but when I read "Tokyo Gore Police" it all made sense. That director is one strange fellow. I'm not sure I'm ready to tackle his body of work quite yet.

Abduscias said...

This looks friggin nuts! N-V-T-S!!!
What is the rating?

Landshark said...

Fantastic review and screen caps--I think I need to check this one out.