Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Devil Times Five

(1974) **1/2

You're probably sick of hearing about this one but I watched it too so I might as well get credit for it. Unlike sourpusses Crystal Math and JPX, I agree with Catfreeek that it was somewhat fun! Don't get me wrong, it's stupid as sin and not worth your time unless you're really into 70's made for TV movies, but the two lead evil children made it worthwhile for me. If you're looking for a plot summary then please read one or all of the aforementioned reviews, as I'll be damned if I'm gonna compose another recap.   

I liked the main l'il bastard - Brian. He emerges unfazed after the bus accident and immediately takes charge. Like a competent young drill sergeant he declares "four present and accounted for, everybody else is flat dead!" and orders everyone to move on to seek shelter. Brian appears to be a natural leader, but once other injured survivors of the crash come forth, his leadership qualities are called into question. At first I chalked his behavior up to bad writing but he soon proves to be one dangerous little sociopath. 

And then there's Dave. I know Leif Garrett as a child/star cautionary tale who appeared in Celebrity Rehab, the movie Dickie Roberts (a bad David Spade vehicle concerning a washed up child actor) and as a voice in several of VH1's endlessly addictive Top 100 Something or Other countdowns. But I never understood why he was famous to begin with. Ok, he was a  "teen idol" but what exactly did he do to earn that title? Apparently he dabbled in a bit of everything including 70's wuss pop music and movies like this. I will say that he made for an adequate l'il bastard. In the scene that won me over, he reacts to a loss in a friendly chess match with murderous rage. I could totally relate to this. 

Anyway this may very well be the last you ever hear the words Devil Times Five so why not watch the trailer that gives away most of the good bits anyway? 

One last thought -  the presence of a young(er) Sorrell Booke (aka Boss Hogg) bumped it up a half star. 

Give him a top hat and you'll see the spitting image of Mr. Potato Head! 


Catfreeek said...

Yay Johnny, now we can safely put this film to rest.

AC said...

ok, so a film "starring" sorrel booke and leif garrett is tied (with severance) for most-reviewed film so far this thon? not sure how to feel about that.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

My Severance review is coming up!

AC said...

thank you jsp! i feel much better now. :)

DCD said...

I am so all set with this one. Although I love the review, JSP!

Octopunk said...

Yes, excellent way to rep the other side of the argument, Johnny. I've been meaning to compile a Movies Nobody Loves But Me list. Not that this piece of crap will be on it, ha ha.

Were there like a million bearclaw traps under the snow, or did they just get really lucky when the first one drops the guy and he lands on the second one?

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Haha DCD, I had reached the now or never point of writing this review. I didn't want to write it and I knew that no one wanted read it but I had to do it anyway. Horrorthon!

50PageMcGee said...

and put a bowl of quaker oats in front of him and you have wilford brimley. that boss hogg is so accessorizable!