Thursday, October 23, 2008

Devil Times Five

Devil Times Five


On route to an asylum five antisocial kids survive a terrible car accident and wander in the snow until they come upon a remote mountain lodge where three unappealing married couples and a retarded handyman are spending a weekend of booze, sex, bickering and brawling. The grownups unwisely offer the little shits shelter and before the weekend is over the murderous quintet torture and kill the adults one by one for no apparent reason. That’s it.

Yep, that's Leif Garrett as one of the murderous brats

Sigh. Devil Times Five was another film touted as a “cult classic”. The reality is that it’s just a big pile of disjointed crap. The first half of the film follows the adults’ shenanigans as they argue about nonsense and have a lot of wine and sex. The last 25 minutes are where you should start the film should you ever have the unpleasant opportunity to do so. It’s during these final 25 minutes where the little brats finally let loose with their nonsensical murder-spree. A little research on this film reveals that the film actually had two directors and the first director abandoned the project after he completed the first 40 minutes of the film. The use of two directors if very obvious as the tone of the film shifts from somewhat juvenile, comical and lighthearted to inexplicably dark and gory. Stupid and pointless, avoid unless you have nothing else to watch.


Whirlygirl said...

JPX, you are on a roll with being funny today. I love that you call the kids "little shits."

I'm currently watching a movie with killer children.

DCD said...

We used to have that same blanket that you can see on the couch in the back right of that first picture. It was really scratchy, but very warm.

Like the review!