Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Devil Times Five

(1974) *1/2

This film wasn't nearly as bad as The Devil Times Six, and not nearly as terrifying as The Devil Times Five-Squared. Here, JPX and Catfreeeek give their take on it.

Children are involved in a car accident and find a bunch of gullible adults hanging out at a "chalet" -- which, by definition, is NOT a chalet and more like a cabin -- then slowly off them one by one. Each child has his or her own personality (though in all honesty there wasn't much time developing the girl characters other than that they were needy; Leif Garrett's character also falls under this category), which by contrast I could hardly distinguish any of the adult's personalities or motives. All I could see was that they were either cranky drunks or horny drunks. Which would lead any of these kids to believe that there is nothing promising about adulthood, and at this point it only seems logical that they all die horrible deaths.
Nothing promising about adulthood.
There were a few editing moments early on in the movie that got on my nerves and I almost lost interest; one comes during their first kill. The sound quality and out-of-sync video made me feel like I was watching a film student's first movie footage set against the noise of whale sex.


Catfreeek said...

I'm afraid the out of syncness is probably just the nature of the copy. I didn't hate it as much as you did but I certainly wouldn't waste my time watching it again.

AC said...

yeah, i never need to see this. i didn't get the sense it was so bad it's good, correct? just bad?

Octopunk said...

I'll be skipping this one, especially as Crystal just used up all the math jokes about it (yay!)

I was going to make a joke about how drunkeness would seem like an awesome promise of adulthood, but then I realized from an outsider's perspective it really doesn't.

But why you gotta get all down on whale sex, yo?

Landshark said...

Doesn't JPX have a theory that the 70s sucked for horror? Sounds like exhibit A.

DCD said...

Bummer. Your last line is hilarious though.

50PageMcGee said...

so you're saying if you were a whale, you'd have rated this better, just for the soundtrack.