Wednesday, May 21, 2014


This is a French short that I saw as part of Fantastic Animation Festival, which screened at Rhode Island College in 1977 or so.  My mom took DCD and I to this because afterwards they screened The Point, which is slightly less obscure.

Fast forward to 1984 and JPX and I are throwing together our first claymation.  Our main character was basically a mash-up of Indiana Jones and my dim memories of these guys from Icarus.  Sorry I don't have a visual for "Indy," but JPX and I are working on that.

Every once in a while I've hunted around the web for this movie but I only found it last Sunday (it sucks when you don't have an actual title to look for).  Needless to say I'll be hitting Eddie Brant's Saturday Matinee, my local purveyor of obscure VHS goodies, to see if I can find the whole movie.  Apparently this was the first conglomeration of animated shorts ever.  Woo!

Heh.  I just called Eddie Brant's and got their message.  What's amazing is that they're in business when they only open their doors between 1pm to 6pm and they're closed Sunday and Monday.  Only in Los Angeles.  The best part was the message started with "You've reached Eddie Brant's Saturday Matinee, the first video store... and probably the last video store."


JPX said...

So French and creepy! I love the music and amplified sound effects. Very crude and very 70s. Great discovery. I agree you must find the whole festival. Do you remember the other shorts being as weird/fun? I think our stuff is as good as that short!

JPX said...

I just checked on Ebay for this movie - $92!

AC said...

love those moments when you rediscover a long-lost treasure like this!

JPX said...

I think you should rent it, and then, "lose it"