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Happy Birthday DCD!!!!!

Happy Birthday to my best friend and love of my life DCD who turns 31 today..... (again).

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Cool poster

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Katie Holmes comes to her senses and escapes!

From ew, After five years of marriage, Tom Cruise, 49, and Katie Holmes, 33, are getting a divorce, People reports. “This is a personal and private matter for Katie and her family,” Holmes’ attorney Jonathan Wolfe told People. “Katie’s primary concern remains, as it always has been, her daughter’s best interest.”

The couple have a daughter, Suri, 6. Cruise has two older children from his relationship with Nicole Kidman. Cruise and Holmes married in 2006.

Damn, “Come On Eileen” is 30 Years Old


We are old.

Edgar Wright Just Directed An ‘Ant-Man’ Test Reel

From slashfilm, For anyone who was curious to the exact status of Edgar Wright‘s Ant-Man, we now have a definitive answer. The Hollywood Reporter reports that Wright spent about a week earlier this month “shooting footage for a reel that will be used to test out the potential look and tone of his movie, as well as to decide how convincing Ant-Man’s powers look on screen.”

And while Wright wouldn’t comment on the situation, we can speculate all we want after the jump.

What does the existance of the test reel say about Ant-Man? It says that whatever Wright and co-writer Joe Cornish have on the page, Marvel and Disney likely won’t give it the official greenlight without knowing they can pull it off.

That, in turn, probably has something to with the main character, Hank Pym, who can radically change his size in either direction, super small or super big. I’d bet that – much like you’re trying to do now – Disney executives had a hard time picturing how a movie about a man who is the size of an ant would work, especially as a big budget action movie. The inverse, a man the size of a building, makes more sense.

Whether they love the reel or not, Ant-Man will likely not start filming until later this year or early next year as per a recent interview. Wright’s already committed to doing The World’s End in the next few weeks, which he co-wrote with Simon Pegg.

One last thing. The timing of this reel, just a few weeks out from San Diego Comic-Con, is extremely exciting. While the odds are it is for internal purposes only, can you imagine the reaction Kevin Feige would get in Hall H if he was like, “Who wants to see some Edgar Wright directed footage of Ant-Man?” The place would go through the roof. Dare to dream.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Entertainment Weekly gives The Amazing Spider-Man an 'A-"

Read the review here

It's Future Day!

Don Grady of 'My Three Sons' dies

from losangelestimes [excerpt], Don Grady, who sang and danced as a Mouseketeer on "The Mickey Mouse Club," played son Robbie on the long-running family sitcom "My Three Sons," and later became a composer and songwriter, died Wednesday. He was 68.

Grady died at his home in Thousand Oaks after a four-year battle with cancer, said his wife, Ginny.

Total Recall trailer #2

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James Cameron 'Avatar' Sequels May Number Three, Shoot Consecutively

From huffingtonpost, James Cameron's "Avatar" sequels have become a white whale for movie fans: The type of project so desired and yet so seemingly out of reach. The first sequel was initially set to hit theaters in 2014, but that was recently pushed back to 2016 -- at the earliest. Now, though, it appears that all of this wanting may be worth the wait. According to "Avatar" star Sigourney Weaver, Cameron is planning to shoot "Avatar 2," "Avatar 3" and "Avatar 4" in the near future. The three films will be completed consecutively.

Speaking with Showbiz 411's Roger Friedman at the premiere of the new USA series "Political Animals," Weaver revealed that she'll be heading back to Pandora soon -- perhaps before the end of the year. (Unfortunately, Friedman doesn't offer any concrete quotes from Weaver, beyond the actress saying that she will just "show up" for Cameron.)

Of course, none of this is too surprising. Cameron himself said that he was only in "the 'Avatar' business" during an interview earlier this year.

"I'm making 'Avatar 2,' 'Avatar 3,' maybe 'Avatar 4,'" Cameron revealed to the New York Times during an interview about the Chinese film industry. "I'm not going to produce other people's movies for them. I’m not interested in taking scripts."

The inclusion of Weaver in any "Avatar" sequel might seem confusing -- spoiler alert for the three people who didn't see the $2.7 billion-grossing blockbuster: Weaver's character dies -- but Cameron isn't concerned about getting her involved in future Pandora adventures.

"Have you ever heard of nonlinear storytelling? A lot happens on that planet before she shows up, and before Jake shows up to join her," he told Vulture. "She's there for fifteen years ahead of time. I don't know, but I wouldn’t jump to conclusions. [...] When you have a science-fiction series, a science-fiction franchise, you're never dead, unless your DNA is expunged from the universe. And then there's always time travel!"

For more on Weaver's future, head over to Showbiz 411. Look for "Avatar 2" to arrive in theaters eventually.

Writer/Director Nora Ephron Passes Away At 71

From slashfilm, Nora Ephron, the writer and director responsible for some of the most charming movies in recent memory, passed away Tuesday at the age of 71 from a bout with leukemia. In her illustrious career, Ephron wrote Silkwood, When Harry Met Sally and My Blue Heaven as well as wrote and directed Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, Michael and most recently Julie and Julia.

Nominated for three Oscars, Ephron leaves behind a lasting legacy that suggets we all can use a little more romance and a little more comedy. Thank you so much, Mrs. Ephron.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

5 Girls You’ll Meet at the Avengers Premiere

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Extreme Home Makeover: Tatooine Edition

From toplessrobot, When Mark Durmel and Cardiff-located author Terry Cooper heard that the Lars homestead from the Star Wars movies was just rotting in the desert, they embarked on a noble quest to not only save the famed structure, but restore it. Which they did. What makes it extra noble is that this isn't the Lars homestead from A New Hope, but instead the one from Attack of the Clones (the original one was long since claimed by the Tunisian desert). Obviously, almost any Star Wars fan would have be willing to save the original, but these guys worked in the blazing African son to save a set from the prequels. Now that's devotion.

And thanks to their work, any Star Wars fan who goes to Tunisia can see the location where Anakin whines, "I killed them. I killed them all. They're dead, every single one of them. And not just the men, but the women and the children, too. They're like animals, and I slaughtered them like animals. I HATE THEM!" and Padmé gets so turned on they bone. Thanks for saving this historic cinematic locale for us, guys. Really. Thanks a ton.

'The Curse of Chucky' is being made for some reason

From dreadcentral [excerpt], In this new film, which is being produced for DVD, Chucky arrives to wreak havoc within a family that’s regrouped for a funeral. In the wake of her mother’s passing, a young woman – in a wheelchair since birth – is forced to put up with her sister, brother-in-law, niece, and their nanny as they say their goodbyes to mother. When people start turning up dead, the fearless Nica discovers the culprit might be a “strange doll” she was sent a couple of days earlier.

'Robot & Frank' looks like fun!

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Concert countdown

Wow, the blog is just dead this weekend! 
As filler, here’s my current list of top ten memorable concerts… and my memory isn’t that great, so picks and dates are approximate… and most memorable doesn’t always mean best. For me it’s a combo of the quality of the show itself, the “importance” of the artists, the crowd, the adventure quotient, etc.  Would love to see other people’s lists and/or hear about any memorable shows (I know some of this has been covered on the blog before but I just love talking live music with you guys).
#10 Neville Brothers/Grateful Dead, Oakland Coliseum 1987

Memorable because I flew to CA to see the New Years shows with some deadhead friends, and said “friends” switched out their tix for another night without being able to find or tell me (in the days before cell phones), and I found myself at the show with no place to sleep that night… everything worked out, but that was the night I learned there are some deadheads you can rely on and others you can’t.
#9 Spinal Tap unplugged, Wilbur Theater 2009
Hilarious and probably the closest I’ll get to seeing them play in their metal incarnation.
#8 U2, Gillette Stadium 2009

Great night of music with the Horrorthon east coast gang.  Remember that line for the GA ticketholders?  And the traffic?  And wasn’t it still all worth it?
#7 Robert Plant, B of A Pavilion 2008
Yes, he was playing with Alison Krauss, and no, not exactly my kind of music, but OMG, Robert Plant has “it” like no other vocalist I’ve ever seen.

#6  The Zombies,  Axis nightclub 2006
I’ve loved the Zombies since my teen years and since they broke up in the sixties always assumed I’d never see them; then they played a teeny, now-defunct Boston venue on my birthday.
#5 Stevie Wonder, B of A Pavilion 2007
Passionate and uninhibited performance, and as Eddie Murphy said, Stevie Wonder’s a musical genius.
#4 Clapton/Winwood, IZOD center NJ 2009
Met brother Seth to see this phenomenal show

#3 Paul McCartney, Boston Garden 2005
NOW I get it.
#2 Davy Knowles and Backdoor Slam, Higher Ground Burlington VT 2009
Absolutely electrifying young blues guitarist playing a postage stamp sized mellow venue
#1 Dandy Warhols, Club Beyond Philly 2005

Blew my mind, changed my life!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Woody Allen Explains Why Annie Hall And Hannah And Her Sisters Were Disappointments

"When Annie Hall started out, that film was not supposed to be what I wound up with. The film was supposed to be what happens in a guy’s mind, and you were supposed to see a stream of consciousness that was mine, and I did the film and it was completely incoherent. Nobody understood anything that went on. The relationship between myself and Diane Keaton was all anyone cared about. That was not what I cared about. That was one small part of another big canvas that I had. In the end, I had to reduce the film to just me and Diane Keaton, and that relationship, so I was quite disappointed in that movie, as I was with other films of mine that were very popular. Hannah and Her Sisters was a big disappointed because I had to compromise my original intention tremendously to survive with the film. So, you’re asking the wrong person. You see the film and you draw your conclusion from it. To me, it’s always less than the masterpiece I had been certain I was destined to make."

This excerpt is from a much longer, funny interview. Go here to read it!

Early, spoiler-free reviews suggest that The Amazing Spider-Man kind of sucks


The Amazing Spider-Man certainly delivers the minimum required of its expensive genre, and those who just want another fix of super hero action with a bit of heart will probably have a good time with it. But, it’s never at all jaw-dropping, stunning or even particularly exciting. It’s the type of film that’s not painful to watch and equally easy to shrug off.


Any worries that after the much-loved Sam Raimi Spider-Man films (well, the first two anyway…) Sony would reboot the franchise with a loud, vacuous, gimmicky, MTV-edited, soulless crowd-pleaser are dispelled immediately with a summer blockbuster that doesn’t have an action sequence for a good half hour. The most amazing thing about this Spider-Man is how much heart and genuinely warm storytelling it has… It may not have the non-stop action and spectacle of ‘Avengers Assemble,’ but it does have characters you can fall in love with, and bags of charm. You feel the series is in safe hands with Webb, Garfield and Stone.

The London Evening Standard:

Webb’s film is slow on plot, skimpy on character development. It takes 45 minutes for [redacted], an hour till we see the spider suit. Then Peter goes from dorky to cocky without passing charm on the way. Brittle Gwen turns gooey the moment he turns up at school battered from fighting crime. So, chicks dig scars, right?

More here

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Sigh, today is the longest day of the year

Taken 2 trailer

Barry Sonnenfeld Directing DC Comics Adaptation ‘Metal Men’ For Warner Bros.?

From slashfilm, You might remember that not long ago Men in Black director Barry Sonnenfeld was said to be secretly developing a film based on a big comic book property. Now the cat might be out of the bag, and if reports are correct, Sonnenfeld is working on a movie based on DC’s team The Metal Men.

Vulture says the team of flexible robots is the property Sonnenfeld is working on. Before we go any further, a wiki synopsis can tell you more about the Metal Men than is in my dim memory of reading comics featuring the characters:

Created by scientist Dr. William “Will” Magnus, the six robots were field leader Gold, strong man Iron, slow-witted and loyal Lead, hot-headed Mercury, self-doubting and insecure Tin, and Platinum (also called “Tina”), who believed she was a real woman and was in love with her creator. The group’s personalities mirrored their namesake metals, being dictated by devices called “responsometers”.[3] Each Metal Man also possessed abilities that reflected the traits of their namesake metal: Gold could stretch his form almost infinitely, Iron was super strong, Lead could block harmful radiation by morphing into thick shields, Mercury could melt and pass through small spaces before reforming and Platinum could stretch or flatten.

Sci-Fi Classics as Pulp Novels

From slashfilm, What would some sci-fi movie classics look like as pulp novels? Here are some answers from illustrator Timothy Anderson, who made these awesomely-convincing mock-ups of Blade Runner, Alien, and The Matrix as trashy book covers. Books: .

check 'em out.

Just What Did David Say to the Engineer in ‘Prometheus’?

From slashfilm, On the grand list of Big Questions left by Ridley Scott‘s Prometheus, one item that probably falls somewhere down in the lower third is “what the hell did David say to the Engineer?”

Well, we can’t tell you specifically what the black goo is, or what it has to do with the green goo, or what the sea monkey in Holloway’s eye was all about, but we can answer that burning lower third mystery. (And a burning lower third mystery sounds like something you should really get checked out.)

Here’s how this works: the ancient language being studied by David (Michael Fassbender) is actually Proto-Indo-European (PIE), and the man giving him a hologram lesson is played by Dr. Anil Biltoo of the SOAS Language Centre in London. Dr. Biltoo is also the language consultant for the film, and he has provided a translation of David’s dialogue from his meeting with the Engineer.
The Bioscopist tracked down Dr. Biltoo, who explained that the line we hear spoken by David is really just the opening to a longer conversation between David and the Engineer, which was cut from the final film.

Here's the line that David speaks to the Engineer, and the consultant’s translation of it:

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Turns Out the New Total Recall Recalls the Old Total Recall More Than a Little

From toplessrobot, Someone assembled footage from the old Total Recall and remade the new Total Recall trailer with it -- and then put the two side-by-side. Sure, one is the remake of the other, so you'd expect them to have a lot of scenes in common... but man, it seems like they have every scene in common (well, except for the flying car falling, but the video editor has that covered, as you'll see). It makes you wonder why they'd even bother to remake James Cameron's original, until you remember that Hollywood is creatively bankrupt. On the plus side, Kate Beckinsale > Sharon Stone -- even 1990 Sharon Stone -- so at least the new Recall has that going for it, if nothing else.

Original 'Alien' Test Footage Far More Disturbing Than It Should Be

From iwatchstuff, That nightmare was a movement test from Ridley Scott's 1979 sci-fi classic, and in the mask was 6'10" Bolaji Badejo, who played the alien xenomorph in all scenes that required the creature to move around like only a ridiculously tall, lithe guy can. For reference,

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Concept Art and The Darkest Hour

I found an interesting website called Film Sketchr ("The Concept Art and Storyboarding Blog") which collects pre-production artwork from decades' worth of movies. As someone reasonably familiar with some of the great concept art that was created for my favorite movies (for example, Joe Johnston's incredible Star Wars design drawings, which rival Ralph McQuarrie's in terms of their importance to the movie's vision), I was delighted to find this site and to discover that some of my favorite preproduction art -- Johnston, McQuarrie; Syd Mead's fantastic Blade Runner paintings (see above) -- are lavishly represented here.

And I realized something interesting (or rather, I was reminded of something I'd learned a few times in the past): The quality of fantasy/sci-fi cinema is, I think, directly related to the filmmakers' ability not just to conceive of great visual ideas but to actually get them onscreen. After wasting spending a while on the Film Sketchr website, looking at wonderful art of Batmobiles, spacecraft, superheroes, etc. I came across the artwork for a 2011 movie I'd never heard of called The Darkest Hour, about an alien invasion in Moscow. Look:

Looks pretty great, doesn't it? And, if the movie had been made by George Lucas or Ridley Scott or Christopher Nolan or Joe "Captain America/The Rocketeer" Johnston (Yes, he went from ILM concept artist to director) it probably would have been great. But the movie was, instead, made by somebody called Chris Gorak, and the results (as I discovered upon watching the actual movie) were absolutely abysmal. It wasn't that it looked good but was stupid (like a Tim Burton movie); it was that it looked awful -- the imagery in the pictures above was not in any way reproduced in the movie. Anyway, it was interesting to discover a bad movie solely through its misleadingly-good concept art. I recommend that website, but remember: good concepts and good concept art is less than half the battle!

Final 'The Dark Knight Rises' trailer is the best one yet!

The Filthiest Joke Ever Hidden in a Children's Movie

From cracked, One of the most beloved and oft-quoted moments in the ridiculously beloved and oft-quoted film Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory is the sequence in which the unbalanced candymaker displays his newest invention: lickable wallpaper. As the children and their guardians go to town on the wallpaper, Wonka declares: "Lick an orange. It tastes like an orange. The strawberries taste like strawberries! The snozzberries taste like snozzberries!"

We laugh, because "snozzberries" is obviously a fanciful, fictional word, and nobody knows what they really were. Except that Roald Dahl, the book's author, knew exactly what snozzberries were: They're dicks. Snozzberries are dicks. Willy Wonka made those kids lick dick-flavored wallpaper.

The history of this word can be found here

First Prometheus additional footage release announced

From filmstalker, Unsurprisingly Ridley Scott has revealed that there will indeed be a director's cut version of Prometheus, or at least a version with new footage added in. Perhaps this new footage will fill the glaring story, plot and character holes and make the film better than it turned out?

Then again, it might not, and it might also mark a run of Scott revisiting the film until we finally get a version that works.

The news comes from a Ridley Scott interview where he talks about the initial cut length of the film and how much footage is coming to the DVD/Blu-ray release of the film, and when you see both answers you could start to wonder where the added footage versions might end - I won't call it Director's Cut because I don't think we're there yet and it sounds like the footage might just be as extras on the DVD/Blu-ray release.

Go here for the scoop!

Leaked documents reveal 'Xbox 720' plans

From mashable, A 56-page document from Microsoft, dating back to mid-2010, reveals company plans for a “Xbox 720.” The recently leaked document has been removed since its discovery.

Notable features include Xbox SmartGlass, Blu-ray support, 3D glasses, cloud-based gaming and an improved Kinect system. If the Xbox 720 described in the document is true — Microsoft’s next-generation entertainment console could change the future of gaming.

The console will be loaded with a 1080p output with full 3D support, according to The Verge. Watch the video above to see what the follow-up to the Xbox 360 follow up might look like.

The sleek black Xbox 720 portrayed in the documents will seemingly be the only entertainment device you’ll need. Microsoft’s goal is to sell 100 million units at around $299 each in 2013. New Kinect 2 hardware will incorporate better voice recognition, hardware processing and stereo imaging.

The documents also showcase plans for the “Fortaleza” Kinect glasses — which will be sold separately. The glasses will be able to connect to Wi-Fi and incorporate augmented reality into gaming. It’s marked for a 2014 debut.

Man plays video game for 10 years

CNN, Can you imagine playing a single video game for 10 years?

One man did. And it helped him imagine something else: a bleak, war-ravaged future version of Earth.

A member of the social news website Reddit who goes by the name Lycerius posted his results from a decade-long game of "Civilization II," a turn-based strategy games in which players build their own society. His epic struggle pushed the game to its limits, further than developers ever imagined or planned for.

The "Civilization" franchise is a series of strategy games that allow players to grow small tribes into large, sprawling nations. Players can manage resources, build armies and engage in diplomacy in an effort to grow their civilization into a world leader.

"Civilization II" was released in 1996. But when the third version of the game was released in 2001, Lycerius said, he was already deep into his current game and wanted to see how far he could go.

Full article here

"Terminator 3" Actor Nick Stahl is Missing Again

From worstpreviews, Back in May, "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" actor Nick Stahl went missing for several weeks, which worried his wife who said that Stahl had been frequenting the Skid Row area of Los Angeles and that he has a drug problem. But the actor showed up soon after and eventually checked into a rehab facility to get treatment for his drug addiction.

E! Online is now reporting that Stahl left rehab against doctors' advice, then went to stay at a friend's house, and has now gone missing again. "He's been missing for four days," said his wife.

A person close to the actor added: "We can't find him anywhere. He has not made contact with anyone. We are all just desperately looking for him."

"V/H/S" trailer shows promise

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Happy 70th, Paul!

Box office report: 'Madagascar 3' earns $35.5M, more than 'Rock of Ages' and 'That's My Boy' combined

From ew, couple of high-profile openers couldn’t force the animals of Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted into their cages. The animated comedy topped the box office once again this weekend, while Rock of Ages and That’s My Boy delivered majorly disappointing debuts.

Dreamworks’ $145 million effort Madagascar 3 roared a second time following its $60.3 million start. The CG-animated film dipped 41 percent to $35.5 million this frame. That’s better than the second weekend decline of its predecessor, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, which fell by 45 percent and had earned a slightly softer $116.9 million at the same point in its run. Madagascar 3 has grossed $120.5 million over ten days, and is headed to a $180 million finish domestically. Worldwide, the 3-D film has grossed a robust $278 million, and will likely finish near $600 million.

Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel Prometheus finished in second place for its second weekend, despite dropping by a hefty 60 percent to $20.2 million. Fox’s $130 million sci-fi thriller has earned $88.9 million since invading theaters 10 days ago, and it may struggle to match it production budget domestically. Thankfully, the conversation-spurring flick has found $92.7 million overseas, giving it a worldwide total of $181.6 million.

Full report here

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Prometheus (2012)

I know this has already been discussed at length in a post by Octo BUT please acknowledge my labor of love towards Mr. Scott's recent production, Prometheus. My review does reveal some plot points but more specifically I'm elaborating on what I saw/read into the story, which I overall enjoyed.
The search for satisfactory science fiction continues...

Happy Father's Day, fellas!

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Trailer for the stop-motion SpongeBob Christmas special (that I worked on)

Watching this trailer I have a higher level of before/after disconnect than I'm used to. The final product is so slick and pure of vision, it's hard to believe I really made some of that stuff with my hands. It's great to work for people whose aesthetic awareness and filmmaking skill are things to admire.

Also, most of this stuff I had nothing to do with, like the exquisite puppets. Lots of talented people on this.

See it here.

Space: 1970

I watched the Japanese movie Message from Space recently (which is a story in itself), and afterwards, trying to answer that unanswerable question "what is the deal with Japan?" I came across Space: 1970, a wonderful blog dealing with "science fiction films and television from the polyester decade."

I've wandered back a number of times to see what they're up to and nose around the archives. It's always fun.

Friday, June 15, 2012

23 minutes into the Norton Incredible Hulk...

...and so far it's mediocre; boring...and where's the damn origin? They didn't do it again? Why don't I get the damn origin?

(And this is where I realized that I'm like the opposite of all you other Horrorthoners. I mean, for you guys, not repeating the origin from the Ang Lee movies was a big plus for this movie, right? Well, to each his or her own. But I don't get it at all.)

Also, I thought I was getting Jennifer Connelly, not Liv Tyler. What a rip-off!

Jordan's favorite superhero movie posters

As discussed. I just love the vibe they get going with teaser posters; the cluttered, in-your-face final release imagery just never measures up.

JPX's favorite superhero movie poster

The Suicide Forest

From darkhorizon, Hideo Nakata ("Ringu," "The Ring Two') is attached to direct a live action film adaptation of the graphic novel "The Suicide Forest" says Deadline.

El Torres penned the four-issue series which revolves around Aokigahara, a vast forest outside Tokyo and the most famous suicide spot in the world. Spirits of past suicides are rumoured to be roaming amongst the trees.

An American ex-pat living in Tokyo must enlist the help of a forest ranger in Aokigahara to help free him from the clutches of an evil spirit haunting him from the Suicide Forest.

A scribe is currently being sought to adapt the work. Roy Lee and Taka Ichise are producing.

Cool, they made a District 9 sequel called 'Elysium'

Official plot summary,

In the year 2159 two classes of people exist: the very wealthy who live on a pristine man-made space station called Elysium, and the rest, who live on an overpopulated, ruined Earth. Secretary Rhodes (Jodie Foster), a hard line government official, will stop at nothing to enforce anti-immigration laws and preserve the luxurious lifestyle of the citizens of Elysium. That doesn’t stop the people of Earth from trying to get in, by any means they can. When unlucky Max (Matt Damon) is backed into a corner, he agrees to take on a daunting mission that if successful will not only save his life, but could bring equality to these polarized worlds.
[via slashfilm]

Boring new "The Amazing Spider-Man' poster

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ridley Scott on "Prometheus" Sequel Title and Story

From worstpreviews, When Ridley Scott initially signed on to make a prequel to "Alien," he envisioned it as a two-parter. And anyone who's seen "Prometheus," knows that the director did everything in his power to set up a sequel.

[go into the comments to read about the sequel]

Henry Hill Dies at 69

From thedailybeast, Mobster turned government informant Henry Hill has died at the age of 69 after a long illness. Hill was part of New York’s Lucchese mafia family in New York from the 1960s until the 1980s. He then became an FBI informant, entered the witness protection program, and testified against his former crime bosses. The 1986 book Wiseguys and the 1990 Martin Scorsese film Goodfellas were both based on his life.

Alliterative Cinematic Generational Icons

Maybe kind of a silly new post on my blog.

And yeah, I added a couple of remarks to the Prometheus thread directly below.


Okay. Just got back from seeing Prometheus on the IMAX screen, and there was a message from Jordan mentioning he'd seen it too. Time for some chatter!

Don't even click the comments if you want to see it fresh. I'm going to spoil the bejesus out of it.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Catwoman's Impossibly Contorted Cover Draws Criticism

From geekology, This is the new cover of DC Comic's Catwoman #52, which is drawing criticism because it looks like she's just an ass with tits and a head. Oh right, I forgot -- because realistic human anatomy has been such a staple in comics lately. What's the big deal? If Catwoman wants to look like Ice T's wife Coco, I say let her -- I'm not here to judge. Well, not publicly anyways. What a f***ing freakshow. See? That was just my brain talking. After we post this what do you say we Google some fossil p0rn? Shit! *pounding button to turn off telekinesis machine*

Monday, June 11, 2012

How To Break All 206 Bones In Your Body In One Second

From wickedimproper, Boston, MA – If you consider all the ways you can instantly break every bone in your body, I’m sure some of the usual scenarios will come to mind. Walking down the sidewalk and having a safe land on you. Getting squished by a falling ceiling tile while driving through the Big Dig tunnel. Or, in the case of Serge Murphy, grinding on a rail with your skateboard, neglecting to hit the brakes, and then get destroyed by this carpet cleaning van.

Star Wars iPhone cases (you know you want one)

The PowerA collection of officially licensed Star Wars cases for iPhone 4/4S will be available later this year at major retailers. [via yakface]

Box office report: 'Madagascar 3' roars with $60.4 million debut, holding 'Prometheus' at No. 2

From ew, Six weeks ago, The Avengers entered theaters and blew everyone’s expectations out of the water with its record-breaking $207.4 million debut.

In the weeks that followed, though, the box office fell into a bit of a slump. Expensive tentpoles like Battleship and Dark Shadows outright bombed, while major studio fare like What to Expect When You’re Expecting and The Dictator underperformed, and even Men In Black 3‘s number one opening felt weak given its predecessors’ strength.

Last weekend, Snow White and the Hunstman exceeded industry expectations, giving Hollywood hope that summer 2012 might live up to the hype that The Avengers had suggested. This weekend, Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted and and Prometheus continued to ease any fears that the box office was in trouble with robust debuts in first and second place, respectively. These hefty starts helped the Top 10 films gross $169.6 million, up a whopping 30 percent over the same weekend in 2011, when Super 8 topped the chart.

Dreamworks $145 million 3-D sequel Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted, which features the voice work of Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, Jada Pinkett Smith, and David Schwimmer as lost Central Park Zoo animals, handily won the weekend with $60.4 million, 45 percent of which came from 3-D ticket sales. That’s a touch behind 2008′s Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, which started with $63.1 million, despite the fact that Madagascar 3 earned more on its opening day than Escape 2 Africa ($20.5 million vs. $17.5 million). It looks like this threequel may suffer from a slight case of sequelitis, when franchise films become increasingly front-loaded at the box office as the franchise continues.

Read the full report here

Sunday, June 10, 2012


(2012) ***

As the reviews of Prometheus have been mixed, Mr. AC and I were wary going in; and indeed, despite some great moments and satisfying effects, there were too many scenes in which characters behaved in a way that made no sense at all, so we couldn't suspend disbelief sufficiently to enjoy the good stuff.  Sigh!  What did other people think?

Friday, June 08, 2012