Friday, August 31, 2012

Rest In Peace, Mr. Gray

John Gray, 68, the widely respected and beloved principal at Barrington High School for 29 years until 2009, died on Tuesday, Aug. 28, from pancreatic cancer.  He was married to Cheryl (Kottler) Gray for 44 years.

Gray most recently served in Barrington for a half year as the interim principal at Nayatt Elementary School. He also served as the interim principal at East Greenwich High School for six months last year.
Gray oversaw a $14.1 million renovation project in 2000 at the high school that was the first significant improvements to the school since it was built in the 1950s. He was credited with bringing the school up to blue ribbon status.

The announcement of his death was made to the Barrington Public Schools community in an email circulated by Superintendent Michael Messore late Tuesday afternoon. It has been “a very difficult time” at the high school since the announcement, according to a staff member at the school.
The email read:
“John was truly an innovative educator and always an advocate for our children. His level of commitment and dedication to education was always focused on each and every student.
“John set the bar high and expected the very best from everyone as he demonstrated this by example. He was the first to recognize the accomplishments of teachers as well as students and never took credit for himself but always gave credit to others. He was extremely supportive of our District and our community as he considered both to be partners in the educational process.”

[DCD] - I saw Mr. Gray in Eats restaurant on Rte 6 within the past year.  He recognized me and asked after our family and was so sweet.  I just recently found out he was ill - happy I had a last opportunity to see him.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

What the Summer's 7 Biggest Box-Office Bombs Says About America's Changing Appetite

From pajiba, Thanks mainly to two very huge films (The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises), some overperformers (Ted and Magic Mike) and some reliable mainstays (Spider-Man and Pixar (Brave)), the summer of 2012 was a huge success in terms of overall revenue. But like every summer, this one had its share of box-office flops, but unlike many summers, most of those failures were actually heartening for what they say about the appetites of the American moviegoing public.

Let’s take a look (domestic box-office only):

Total Recall — $55 million; $125 million budget ($70 million loss). Likewise, America is not above remakes, obviously, but we’re clearly over remakes of 80’s projects that were decidedly products of their time. You just can’t reproduce the cheesy greatness of the 1980s (see, also, The A-Team, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Fright Night) , and no one wants to see a Schwarzenegger original remade without Schwarzenegger (see also Conan the Barbarian). The Robocop remake is already in the works, but I wouldn’t expect Hollywood to rush their Commando or Red Sonja remakes. Sadly, it’s also not great news for Collin Farrell’s big-budget career, either.

See all 7 here

Watch Cosby Watch Terrible Late-Season 'Cosby Show'

From iwatchstuff, Though it's tempting to look back at The Cosby Show and remember only the good times, the times when a grandparents' anniversary was celebrated though a choreographed lip sync routine, the reality is that the series got pretty painful to watch in its later, Pam-and-Raven-heavy seasons. Dr. Heathcliff "Cliff" Huxtable, OB-GYN, recently learned this lesson the hard way:

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Boba Fett is fabulous, and other things

From Geekologie: This is a massive gallery of reimagined Boba Fett and Clone Trooper helmets that have been modded by artists and visual effects studios and put up for auction on eBay, with proceeds going towards the Make A Wish Foundation. They're all pretty amazing, and a couple have already surpassed $10,000 in bids. Good lord, could you imagine having so much money you can bid on $10,000+ custom Star Wars helmets? You better already own hover boots, I'll tell you that right now.

See the rest.

'S.H.I.E.L.D.' TV Series Moves Ahead, Joss Whedon To Write & Possibly Direct


Well, that didn't take long. Mere weeks after inking a 3 year deal with Marvel, parent company Disney has put Joss Whedon to work, and it will find him expanding the comic brand to the small screen.

Deadline reports that Whedon will co-write and possibly direct the pilot for the live-action "S.H.I.E.L.D." if he has room in his schedule. Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen will co-write and, while exact details are still coming together—probably because Whedon still has to put pen to paper (or cursor to screen)—it's a pretty no brainer idea. If Marvel wants to use the small screen to introduce B-level characters that could possibly crossover to the movies, there's no better way to do it than through S.H.I.E.L.D. which could act as a clearing house for that kind of stuff. And we'd reckon that's the way they'll go.

Read the rest here.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Haiku Tuesday! Back to School

 I was going to wait and do this tomorrow to uphold the Wednesday tradition, but I saw Cat's comments on the Cookie Monster post and figured, What the heck.

Our kiddos started the new school year today and I thought the subject deserved some Horrorthon poetic love.  Remember when you were a kid and you actually enjoyed the thought of going back to school? And then you grew up and it became really sucky? Lets not just dig up those memories - any school related shenanigans are up for the Haiku treatment. What say you group - feeling wordy?

Bigfoot hoax ends in death, authorities say

(CNN) -- A man trying to create a Bigfoot hoax on a highway died after being hit by two cars, officials in Montana said.

Randy Lee Tenley dressed in a Ghillie suit -- camouflage designed to resemble the ground and trees -- and stepped out onto Highway 93 Sunday night, officials said.

"He probably would not have been very easy to see at all," said Jim Schneider, a state trooper.

A 15-year-old girl hit him with her car, another car swerved, and a third car driven by a 17-year-old ran him over, CNN affiliate KECI reported.

Tenley was "well into the driving lane," and according to his companions he was "attempting to incite a sighting of Bigfoot -- to make people think they had seen a Sasquatch," Schneider said in the KECI report.

But authorities received no calls from drivers thinking they had seen Bigfoot, the station reported.

Officials with Montana Highway Patrol District 6, which includes Flathead County where the incident took place, could not be reached for comment Tuesday morning.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Storm update

Bill Nye is my hero


My secretary bombards me with this kind of stuff all day long. I usually just ignore it but this one made me laugh for some reason.

Most disappointing movies of all time

"Let's take our helmets off on this alien planet that is 500 million miles away from Earth, why not?"

From worstpreviews, TotalFilm magazine put together a list of Top 50 most disappointing movies of all time, taking a look at films that were highly-anticipated, but turned out to be pretty awful.

Topping the list is "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull," with the magazine stating that it had all the ingredients in place, including Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Harrison Ford. But in the end, the film was nothing more than some CGI, a nuclear fridge moment, and aliens.

Also on the list are "Prometheus," "Star Wars: Episode One - The Phantom Menace," "X-Men: The Last Stand" and "Godfather Part 3." Take a look at all fifty choices below and let us know if you agree with the selection.

50. The Tourist (2010)
49. Congo (1995)
48. Shrek The Third (2007)
47. Speed Racer (2008)
46. The Lovely Bones (2009)
45. The Lady In The Water (2006)
44. The Avengers (1998)
43. Ghostbusters 2 (1989)
42. Alexander (2004)
41. Public Enemies (2009)
40. Jennifer's Body (2009)
39. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003)
38. Sex And The City 2 (2010)
37. Once Upon A Time In Mexico (2004)
36. Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End (2007)
35. The Day After Tomorrow (2004)
34. Alice In Wonderland (2010)
33. Vanilla Sky (2001)
32. Catwoman (2004)
31. The Spirit (2008)
30. X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)
29. The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse (2005)
28. Hulk (2003)
27. Miami Vice (2006)
26. Godzilla (1998)
25. Southland Tales (2006)
24. Jersey Girl (2004)
23. Prometheus (2012)
22. Iron Man 2 (2010)
21. Kill Bill Part 2 (2004)
20. Troy (2004)
19. Batman and Robin (1997)
18. Alien 3 (1992)
17. Planet Of The Apes (2001)
16. The Golden Compass (2007)
15. Fantastic Four (2005)
14. Quantum Of Solace (2009)
13. Green Lantern (2011)
12. Terminator Salvation (2009)
11. Eyes Wide Shut (1999)
10. Ocean's 12 (2004)
9. The Matrix Revolutions (2003)
8. Superman Returns (2006)
7. Sucker Punch (2011)
6. The Hangover Part 2 (2011)
5. Spider-Man 3 (2007)
4. The Godfather Part 3 (1990)
3. X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)
2. Star Wars: Episode One - The Phantom Menace (2001)
1. Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull (2008)

Stan Lee on His Favorite DC Superhero and Least Favorite Marvel Film

From worstpreviews, While at the 2012 Fan Expo Canada, Stan Lee spoke about his favorite DC superhero, his least favorite Marvel film, and which superhero and supervillain he would like to be.

Favorite DC superhero: "My favorite DC character is Lobo, although you couldn't call him a hero."

Which superhero he would like to be: "Tony Stark, because he's rich, he has women, boats, planes and a sense of humor."

Which villain he would like to be: "Dr. Doom. Then I'd be king!"

Least favorite Marvel film: "I would have liked the Hulk to be smaller in the first two movies, and I didn't like the way Doctor Doom was portrayed in 'Fantastic Four.' Now with Daredevil, they just wrote the whole thing wrong. They made him too tragic. That's not the way I wrote him."

Which characters should get his own films: "Deadpool is such a popular character, I'd be surprised if he wasn't in his own movie in the near future." He also named "Black Panther" and "Inhumans."

[JPX] I'm still laughing about his cameo in The Amazing Spider-Man.

Six Out Of Twenty-Two Liquor Stores Sell Booze To Teenager With Fake 'King Of The Hill' Cartoon ID

From geekology, Six out of twenty-two stores unknowingly participating in a recent sting in Nottinghamshire, England sold booze to a kid using the above ID, which not only states that the boy is 17, but also has a picture of Bobby Hill from 'King of the Hill'. Another seven stores sold him alcohol without even asking for ID. That makes it a 13/22 success rate. Me? I used to know a bar I could get into with my Blockbuster card. I think there's a lesson to be learned here but I forgot my lesson plan at home so we're just gonna watch a video instead. *putting in VHS tape* Okay now this is a solo scene I did for a softcore film a couple years back.

Star Wars Episodes II and III To Get Back to Back 2013 3D Re-Releases

From slashfilm, Good news for Star Wars fans hoping to get the original trilogy in theatrical 3D. LucasFilm has just announced the second two prequel films, Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones and Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, will get theatrical 3D re-releases on September 20, 2013 and October 11, 2013 respectively. Announced at Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando, FL, the question becomes: Can the original trilogy be far behind?

These 3D re-releases were confirmed on the Facebook page. Originally, word was if Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace 3D did well enough, the second two films of the prequel would be released in 3D, followed by the original trilogy. According to Box Office Mojo, that film grossed almost $44 million earlier this year, a fair amount, but obviously it was enough as these are now official.

Also of note is the logo above. It doesn’t say anything specific about one film. Just “Star Wars 3D.” Seems pretty obvious that means we’re heading to the original trilogy. Plus, by releasing Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith in such close proximity, it seems very possible that A New Hope could be in theaters much sooner than many people had originally predicted.

I’m one of those marks that paid to see The Phantom Menace in 3D and the conversion wasn’t particularly impressive. However, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith were both shot digitally and that would, in theory, make them more agreeable to the third dimension. Fans will find out for sure in just over a year’s time.

Box Office

From ew, You know you’ve reached the summer box office doldrums when not a single new wide release is able to break $7 million over the Friday-to-Sunday period.

Such was the case this weekend, when the top 12 movies grossed a cumulative $83.4 million, which makes this the least attended frame at the box office since December 9-11, 2011, when the top 12 films earned just $67.8 million.

Once again, The Expendables 2 led the chart, dropping 53 percent from its opening frame to $13.5 million — the lowest total for a No. 1 movie since that aforementioned December frame when New Year’s Eve topped the chart with a sad $13.0 million.

After ten days, The Expendables 2, which carries a reported $100 million budget, has grossed $52.3 million and is running well behind the total of the original Expendables, which had grossed $65.4 million at the same point in its run. The Lionsgate action entry may finish with just under $80 million.

Read the full article here

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Also Just Because

I had mentioned this clip when a bunch of us were together to see the Dandy's in June.  Don't know how many of you have seen it, but I think it's pretty freaking cool - check out the feather movement towards the very end...

Owl Attacks Camera in Slow Motion

Owl Attacks Camera in Slow Motion - Watch More Funny Videos

Just because

Box Office

From ew, You know you’ve reached the summer box office doldrums when not a single new wide release is able to break $7 million over the Friday-to-Sunday period.

Such was the case this weekend, when the top 12 movies grossed a cumulative $83.4 million, which makes this the least attended frame at the box office since December 9-11, 2011, when the top 12 films earned just $67.8 million.

Once again, The Expendables 2 led the chart, dropping 53 percent from its opening frame to $13.5 million — the lowest total for a No. 1 movie since that aforementioned December frame when New Year’s Eve topped the chart with a sad $13.0 million.

After ten days, The Expendables 2, which carries a reported $100 million budget, has grossed $52.3 million and is running well behind the total of the original Expendables, which had grossed $65.4 million at the same point in its run. The Lionsgate action entry may finish with just under $80 million.

Full article here

Original Muppeteer Jerry Nelson Has Died

From slashfilm, Jerry Nelson, one of the original Muppeteers hired by Jim Henson, died yesterday (August 23rd 2012). Even though you might not recognize the name, all of you have grown up with Jerry’s performances. He puppeteered almost 1,000 named Henson puppet characters during his 47-year career, credited for performing over 120 different named characters on The Muppet Show, and almost double that on Sesame Street.

Jerry was fighting with various health issues for the last decade, and in 2004 announced he would no longer be puppeteering full-time (although he continued to provide the voice for his Sesame Street characters into the recent seasons).

Full article here

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Another Pointless Remake

Read the blurb about it here

AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!: Old Lady Attempts Restoration Of Valuable Religious Fresco, Fails Miserably

From geekology, Apparently an old lady in Spain took it upon herself to repair a valuable fresco of Jesus in a neighboring church. *eyeballing picture* AHHAHHAHHAHAHHAHHA! No word who ever told the old coot she had a lick of talent, but I think we can all agree they're the real criminal here.

"The image, painted by 19th-century artist Elías García Martínez, had reportedly been deteriorating for some time.

The woman in her 80s, a neighbour of the church in which the fresco is located, attempted to restore the painting 'without permission but with good intentions'.

But a donation from the artist's granddaughter was about to fix that when the neighbour got in first to have a crack at fixing it up.

Once the budding artist realised she was in over her head, she confessed to local authorities.

A professional restorer is reportedly now set to assess the damage and see if the fresco can be saved."

Wow, I don't even think his dad, God, would recognize him now. He looks like an Eskimo. And maybe he was. What -- I saw The Da Vinci code! And if I learned anything, it's that Tom Hanks plays a great detective. Columbo though -- Columbo will always be number one.

When Were The Expendables At Their Best?

From cinemablend [excerpt], what movie actually represents each one of these men’s primes the best. At what point did each achieve his maximum action star awesomeness? That’s what we set off to find out. Those of us here at Cinema Blend who care about action movies (more don’t than you would expect) split up the eight legends (average age 57.25) and put forth our nominations. The following list is what we came up with…

Sylvester Stallone: Rambo: First Blood Part II

It’s fair to say that most heavies on the Expendables roster peaked early on in their careers, then did everything that they could to hold on to the fame they’d acquired. Stallone might have started out in softcore pornography (download The Party at Kitty and Stud’s, if you are curious), but “The Italian Stallion” became a household name after writing, directing and starring as the famed underdog fighter in 1976’s Rocky. And while Stallone was excellent in the first two Rocky movies, he didn’t exactly define himself as an exaggeratedly unstoppable force of violent nature until he beefed up his John Rambo character on Rambo: First Blood Part II.

The Expendables family tree takes root in George P. Cosmatos’ sequel, which delivered bigger, bloodier, louder and more explosive thrills. Sound familiar? Rocky Balboa’s downright chatty when compared to Rambo in this adventure. And while the characters Stallone played prior to Rambo II had a foot in a blue-collar reality, this sequel triggered a string of overblown action figures for Sly, from Cobra and Over the Top to Tango & Cash and Cliffhanger. They all owe a debt of gratitude to First Blood Part II … Expendables, included.

Full list here

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Depp to get $95 million for 'Pirates 5'?

From thesun, JOHNNY DEPP is ready for his next big role in life following his split from singer Vanessa Paradis earlier this year – and it will send him flying back to the top of the actors’ pay league.
The superstar will do a fifth Pirates Of The Caribbean film and is set to make around £60m from the latest instalment of the blockbuster franchise.

The massive pay packet will keep Johnny’s bank manager happy as he splashes out on supporting his two kids and ex – who he was with for 14 years but never married.

A movie source revealed: “Johnny is being very careful he does not sign on for too many films.

“He doesn’t want to ruin his career with overexposure like John Travolta or Nic Cage did.

“This huge deal for Pirates means he will be able to pick his other roles very carefully on the strength of their script rather than their salary.”

Chuck Norris Won't Return for "The Expendables 3"

From worstpreviews, After the first "The Expendables" film, fans made it clear that they wanted to see Chuck Norris in the sequel. Sylvester Stallone got in touch with Norris and made it happen. Unfortunately, that's when problems started.

Norris soon revealed that the movie will be PG-13, explaining that he wants all of his fans, young and old, to see the movie. Terry Crews confirmed the news, stating that Norris is to blame. But after a few months, Stallone began denying PG-13 repots, stating that it's just rumors.

"The Expendables 2" ended up being R-rated, but now comes word that Norris will not return for any future installments. "This is it for me," he said during the premiere. "It was special just to be able to do the film with guys I've known for many, many years. The chance to get together and fight with them. It was fun just to do that."

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Happy Birthday, JPX!

That's right! Today's the day! Wrath of the Titans is out on dvd!

Also, Horrorthon founder and all-around nice guy JPX is a year older today. I'm sure if you leave a comment, he'll be able to make it out through the haze of cataracts and general disorientation to which those of his advanced age are prone.

Case in point, when this picture was taken he had no idea his shirt wasn't the same color as everyone else's. Sigh.

(Oh, I kid. A few weeks ago on our annual too-short trip to the EC, Mr. X was good enough to join us for beachy frolics. The Mr., DCD, Julie and I teamed up for this Horrorthonner pic, but unfortunately Landshark had wandered off somewhere, probably in aid of a crying kid.)

As I like to point out every year, JPX and I have been friends since fourth grade and have therefore shared the most ridiculous adventures life offers (when you're not yet old enough to drink). Like the time he inspired me to climb successfully out of his upstairs window by aiming a drawn arrow at my face, or the time he discovered a jellied mass of fish eggs and without a moment's hesitation threw it at a friend of ours. Wait a second, he's a jerk!

Well sure, but there's also the way we were never bored because there was always another building in town we could scale. Or how I walk the cool aisles of toy stores today and always feel like he's there next to me. Or the fact that his taste in music is rooted forever in the sounds of 80's pop and 90's techno, just like mine. So I guess it balances out.

Spend some money on yourself today, my friend. Cheers.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Phyllis Diller - RIP

(From TMZ)

Comedian Phyllis Diller -- who paved the way for today's female comics -- has died, TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Diller tell us the comedian died at her L.A. home, surrounded by family. She was 95.

We're told Diller had recently fallen, hurting her wrist and hip, and her health had been on the decline ever since. She had been living in hospice care at her home.

Diller suffered a heart attack in 1999 and was later fitted with a pacemaker.

Phyllis began her career all the way back in 1952 -- and rose to fame with her TV specials alongside Bob Hope in the 1960s.

Later that decade, Phyllis starred in her own show called "The Phyllis Diller Show" ... as well as a variety show called "The Beautiful Phyllis Diller Show." She was also a regular on "Laugh In."

She also posed for Playboy -- but the pics were never published.

Diller remained spunky to the very end, famously appearing in the 2005 movie "The Aristocrats," telling an x-rated joke ... better than comics half her age.

Joan Rivers recently appeared on "Watch What Happens Live" and said, Diller "broke the way for every woman comedian.”

Director Tony Scott jumps to death from bridge

From usatoday, LOS ANGELES -- Tony Scott, director of blockbusters Top Gun and Days of Thunder, jumped to his death Sunday from the Vincent Thomas Bridge, authorities said.

According to the Associated Press, Scott, 68, climbed a fence on the bridge and jumped around 12:30 p.m. One report quoted a coroner's report that said Scott jumped "without hesitation."

U.S. Coast Guard Lt. Jennifer Osburn told the Daily Breeze that a suicide note was found inside Scott's black Toyota Prius, which was parked on one of the eastbound lanes of the bridge.

Police found a suicide note in Scott's office, reports the Los Angeles Times. Its contents were not revealed.

Authorities used sonar equipment to find Scott's body in the port's murky waters. Divers recovered his body about 4:30pm.

Scott was director of Tom Cruise's Top Gun, as well as Beverly Hills Cop II and the remake of The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3.

At the time of his death, he had recently completed filming on Out of the Furnace, says the Times, a drama he was producing that was due out next year starring Christian Bale. Scott was also preparing to produce a science-fiction drama called Ion and had served as executive producer on Stoker, set for release in March.

Known for his trademark red baseball cap, the British-born Scott was the brother of director Ridley Scott, and the two shared producing credits on the CBS dramas The Good Wife and NUMB3RS.

Friday, August 17, 2012


Did you guys know about this?

"Written and performed by the stars of Mystery Science Theater 3000, RiffTrax brings the unique humor of Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy (Tom Servo) and Bill Corbett (Crow T. Robot) to your favorite -- and not-so-favorite -- Hollywood films!

WEAK: eBay Bans The Sale Of Magic Potions, Spells

From geekology, Because eBay is run by a bunch of Muggles, the online auction giant has decided to ban the sale of magic potions, curses, spells, and anything else cool that might be worth buying. Fingers crossed cat jewelry is still a go (for my sister's sake).

Effective August 30, eBay's 2012 Fall Seller Update will prohibit users from selling the following:

"The following items are also being added to the prohibited items list: advice; spells; curses; hexing; conjuring; magic; prayers; blessing services; magic potions; healing sessions; work from home businesses & information; wholesale lists, and drop shop lists."

I'm sorry, but I thought wizards were pretty much the only ones left still using eBay. You lose the magic demographic and who are you left with? Exactly, one single loser looking for the Beanie Baby he needs to complete his collection. "Is that loser you, GW?" F*** no bro, I put my money in Precious Moments figurines.

Not to be outdone by Stallone, Schwarzenegger debuts his new movie trailer for 'The Last Stand'

More meat and potatoes!

Stallone's 'Bullet to the Head' trailer

Hooray for 80s action movies! With The Expendables 2 coming out today there seems to be a resurgence of 80s action heroes making a return to the big screen. Bullet to the Head was directed by Walter Hill who made the cult classic The Warriors. Bullet to the Head looks like a fun meat and potatoes kind of flick!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kids in 1995 TOTALLY predicted Internet's future!

From CNN, It took me a few watches to finally determine the video below was not a perfectly-staged hoax. It's too perfect. Too prescient. Too... cheesy.

Because not only does it feature a classroom full of school kids flawlessly predicting the future of the Internet in 1995 -- but it does so in an era-appropriate, low-budget haze of mock turtlenecks, backwards hats, HTML 1.0 screengrabs and planetarium music.

The video from the Young Montana Media Group stars fifth-graders from Ray Bjork school in Helena and is, ostensibly, about convincing kids why they need "the Internet!" in their schools and libraries. However, now it's about admiring the forehead-slapping accuracy of their digital forecasting.

"By the time we're in college, the Internet will be our telephone," says one student. "Television!" adds another. Then, "Shopping center! Aaand workplace!"

I'm not unconvinced 1995 Steve Jobs didn't see this and immediately run back to his laboratory.

But the best part of the whole thing? We now know exactly when the Internet's undying obsession with cats began.

As the students excitedly rattle off a list of things the Internet can do ("Get soccer scores for a team in Italy! Chat with a friend in Australia!) one girl clutches a cat and tells us: "And I even found a recipe for cat food cupcakes!"

If Helen of Troy was the face that launched a thousand ships, hers is the one that launched a thousand memes.

Thank you, unnamed 1995 Montana school girl. Now tell us: When will we all finally get our jetpacks and X-ray goggles?

'The Avengers' sequel gets release date

From ew, Avengers, assemble…in three years!

Walt Disney Studios announced on Thursday that the untitled sequel to The Avengers, the third-highest grossing movie of all time, will arrive in theaters on Fri., May 1, 2015. As the studio announced last week, Joss Whedon will return to write and direct the project as part of an exclusive three-year film and television deal with Marvel.

The announcement rounds out the next five films in Marvel’s “Phase Two” slate: Iron Man 3 is set for May 3, 2013; Thor: The Dark World for Nov. 8, 2013; Captain America: The Winter Soldier for April 4, 2014; and Guardians of the Galaxy for Aug. 1, 2014.

The next lingering question: Where Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man will fit into this scheme.

Cat is Crooning

Once again my brother & I will be tearing up the stage at the Holy Angels Italian Festival this Friday evening. Come and enjoy some really great old school Italian food while you listen to the smooth sounds of Joe & I as we perform various jazz, standards & oldies. That's tomorrow night starting at 6:00pm at Holy Angels Church on Maple Ave in Barrington. Hope to see some of you there.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"Iron Man 3" Trailer Description

From worstpreviews, Marvel premiered the first "Iron Man 3" footage at the San Diego Comic-Con. That footage has yet to make its way online, but now comes word that the studio is already putting together a trailer and an AICN reader has seen it. Below is a description of the trailer.


It opens with a voice over of Tony Stark talking about how the events of New York (The Avengers) changed him, and how he's just not "into it" anymore. First scene is Iron Man with battle damage, laying down amid rubble and taking of his faceplate to show a bleeding Stark. Scenes of him arguing with Pepper Potts in the armory (cool shots of alternate Iron Man suits including the red white and blue one), press conferences, Tony looking solemn, Tony talking with someone who looks like a psychiatrist, and a short shot of Don Cheadle in military uniform (no shots of War Machine). Also one scene of who possibly the Mandarin, forcefully landing and cracking the ground. However, it looked like a silver Iron Man. I was unable to tell.

We then get a voice over from Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin, talking about how there are no heroes and how he will teach everyone, especially Stark, a lesson. This is over scenes of the alternate suits getting blown up, Stark going into surgery, and a fleet of helicopters launching missiles which blow Stark's home up and sending Stark and Pepper into the sea below. Then a close up of Kingsley with no helmet in the Mandarin armor.

It ends with Iron man underwater swimming towards what looks like his "heart reactor." Then the logo, then Stark walking in the snow dragging a large bag, then the logo again.

'Last Stand' Poster: Schwarzenegger Has Several Cool, Manly Personal Effects

From iwatchstuff, Does The Last Stand have Arnold Schwarzenegger in it? Is he a sheriff? Does that sheriff have a fucking huge gun, and a sports car that seems a little over-extravagant? In his town? On his watch? All of these nagging questions have been answered with the film's first poster, just debuted at IGN.

Man Drags Camera Behind Boat, Catches Dolphin Frenzy

From geekology, This is the footage of a group of Pacific white-sided dolphins Mark Peters captured after dragging a GoPro camera behind his boat while tuna fishing. Dolphins, man, they're like...smarter than all my close friends. ISN'T THAT RIGHT, DUMMIES? "I don't think they read Geekologie." They don't, they tell me. :(

Watch Sizzle Reel from Joe Carnahan’s Unmade 'Daredevil' Adaptation

[via slashfilm]

'Raiders of the Lost Ark' set for IMAX re-release

From ew, Fans of a young, sweaty, dirt-covered Harrison Ford as the swashbuckling archaeologist Indiana Jones, hold onto your fedoras.

Steven Spielberg’s 1981 classic adventure romp Raiders of the Lost Ark will be given the big BIG screen treatment with a one-week rerelease in IMAX in September.

Lucasfilm, the studio helmed by the movie’s executive producer, George Lucas, announced that the Raiders IMAX theater showings will begin Sept. 7 as a lead-up to the Blu-ray release of the Indiana Jones series, on sale Sept. 18.

Sure, newer powerhouse films such as Avatar looked crisply modern, deeply blue and lush on IMAX, but Raiders of the Lost Ark is ripe for another generation of new and returning fans of Indiana Jones’s mishaps and misadventures splashed large across a screen. Spielberg told the New York Times no special effects were changed in the IMAX conversion. Only the audio has been bumped up for surround sound.

“When the boulder is rolling, chasing Indy through the cave, you really feel the boulder in your stomach, the way you do when a marching band passes by, and you’re standing right next to it,” Spielberg told the Times.

Another Spielberg favorite, the sharp-toothed 1975 shark saga Jaws, just arrived on Blu-ray this week.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ron Palillo of 'Welcome Back, Kotter' dies of heart attack

From ew, Ron Palillo, whose nasally delivery made him one of the most memorable Sweathogs on the 1970s sitcom Welcome Back, Kotter, died last night in Palm Beach, Fla., suffering a heart attack in his sleep. He was 63.

Beginning in 1975, Palillo was one of the oddball students who tested Mr. Kotter for four seasons on the popular ABC show that also featured Gabe Kaplan and a young John Travolta. His character Arnold Dingfelder Horshack was always the first to raise his hand in class — “Ooo-ooo-oooooh!!” — and his wheezing staccato laugh was a punch line in itself.

In the 1980s, Palillo guested on several popular programs, including The A-Team, CHiPs, and Murder, She Wrote, and in 1996, he played himself on several episodes of Ellen. When acting opportunities became few and far between in 2002, he agreed to get in the ring with Dustin Diamond — a man 28 years his junior — for a bout of Celebrity Boxing billed as Horshack vs. Screech. In recent years, he had popped up on several TV Land nostalgia specials, but he’d found greater joy as an educator, teaching drama at the G-STAR School of the Arts for Motion Pictures and Broadcasting, a charter high school in West Palm Beach.

Monday, August 13, 2012

‘The Expendables 3′ Will Feature Nicolas Cage, Producers Want Harrison Ford and Clint Eastwood

From slashfilm, The Expendables 2 is about to hit theaters, and it sees the action all-star roster of the first film bolstered with new additions such as Chuck Norris and Jean-Claude Van Damme, and bigger roles for Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Producers are already cooking up plans for a third film, and in an interview to promote the first sequel producer Avi Lerner threw out some names that we might expect to see in the next old-age go around. Nicolas Cage is reportedly set for a role, and Lerner is trying to lock down some much bigger names, like Clint Eastwood and Harrison Ford.

We’ve approached Clint Eastwood to be one of the guys, we’ve got a character in mind for him. We’re talking to Harrison Ford. [And we want] Wesley Snipes when he comes back from prison. I’ll give you one more name, we’ve got Nicolas Cage to play [one of the characters]. And we’re going to bring Mickey Rourke back, if he won’t be too crazy. I like Mickey. And of course, all the existing stars [will return].

Wesley Snipes went to federal prison in December 2010 after being convicted of felony charges to defraud the U.S. government and making fraudulent tax refund claims, and is scheduled for release on July 19, 2013. So conceivably he could get to work on an Expendables sequel not long after — one would think he might want to get back to work as soon as possible.

Eastwood and Ford seem like serious longshots, but without knowing what Lerner is offering, it’s hard to say whether or not they could be lured on board. If The Expendables 2 does well, that might tip things in Lerner’s favor. Ford seems more willing to take supporting roles of late, but Eastwood would be a pretty big coup.

Friday, August 10, 2012

'Alf' movie really happening

Once just the sad, starry-eyed dream of the only man whose ALF conversations extend beyond "Remember ALF?", a feature film about Melmac's first cat-eating sitcom star is now an actual thing, thanks to Sony and a producer of The Smurfs.

THR reports Sony Pictures Animation has closed a deal for the rights to ALF and has attached frequent kiddie movie producer Jordan Kerner to oversee the project with creators Tom Patchett and puppeteer Paul Fusco.

Fusco--who in May claimed he had some pitch meetings set up, which at the time sounded delusional paired with the claim "the timing is right ... I think it could be a homerun on a lot of levels"--is expected to reprise his role as the voice of ALF's hilarious "I kill me" utterances, but it's unlikely he'll be returning his forearm to alien Gordon Shumway's innards. As the participation of Sony Pictures Animation and the Smurfs producer implies, the film is said to be the usual hybrid of furry CG companion and live-action actors--like Ted, but probably with marginally more-veiled sexual impulses.

Assuming the pitched storyline is the same one Fusco was explaining earlier in the summer, the plot will likely "explain how ALF got here and put him with a new family," so the sitcom's familiar Tanner family is not likely to return. Particularly because of this:

"What's Eating Gilbert Grape" Actress Losses 250 lbs, Wants to Act Again

From worstpreviews, In the 1993 movie "What's Eating Gilbert Grape," Darlene Cates played Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio's morbidly obese mother Bonnie, who hasn't left the house in years while dealing with depression following her husband's suicide.

Now, twenty years later, 64-year-old Cates has gone from 575 lbs to 331 (pictured, before/after) and is ready to get back to acting. "I can do moms real well," she said. "I'm not opposed to doing science fiction or comedy, but there has to be respect. I refuse to be the joke, the fat woman joke, in any movie. I've turned down roles."

Cates is interested in taking one or two roles. But first, she'll have to recover from a series of health scares and four surgeries that kept her in hospitals for almost 11 months, until last November. For now, she remains housebound, but has plans to lose another 100 lbs.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

That Exists: Sci-Fi/Horror Movie Character Popsicles

From geekology, This is a line of sci-fi/horror movie character popsicles from ice-cream maker/clothing company Stoyn. Mmmm, black licorice, hands down one of the most disgusting flavors known to man (this man anyways -- and I've drank curdled milk). Apparently they're actually making all these popsicles, so they're not just limited to computer renderings. And who wouldn't want a tomato/hot pepper flavored Freddy pop? Or a celery/melon flavored Predator? I doubt the Hellraiser one is actually going to come with all the pins in it though -- that's probably not FDA approved. I say let the people eat what they want!

See the rest here

Cool! ‘Back To the Future Part II’ Hoverboard Test Footage

From slashfilm, Anyone who has spent hours with their Back to the Future Blu-rays has likely seen this phenomenal 60 second clip. However, if you’re like me your set is currently collecting dust on the shelf, you have no idea what your missing. On Back to the Future Part II, there’s a clip of pre-production test footage for the most iconic scene in the hit sequel: the hoverboard chase.

What’s most amazing about this clip isn’t that, after two plus decades, the effects look seamless. It’s that the effects still look just as good as anything you saw in theaters this summer.

Monkees to reunite for Davy Jones tribute tour

The surviving members of The Monkees have announced that they will be reuniting for a new tour.

The tour, which begins in November, will mark the band's first live dates since their frontman Davy Jones passed away in February and is their first full run of shows for over 15 years.

The band's surviving members Micky Dolenz and Peter Tork will join with Michael Nesmith for the tour, who hasn't performed with the band since 1997.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Nesmith said when asked why he'd agreed to do the tour: "It is a part of my youth that is always active in my thought and part of my overall work as an artist. It stays in a special place, but like things in the past it fades in and out in relevance to activities that are current."

He continued: "Getting together with old friends and acquaintances can be very stimulating and fun and even inspiring to me. We did some good work together and I am always interested in the right time and the right place to reconnect and play."

Nesmith said the setlist will be focused around the band's third album 'Headquarters' as well as including tracks from himself and Peter Tork, which have never previously been performed in concert.

Davy Jones passed away as a result of a heart attack on February 29 this year, he was 66 years old.

A number of stars paid tribute to Davy Jones, including Kasabian frontman Tom Meighan, who dedicated his band's NME Award to Jones in a video you can watch below.

10 Real Sea Creatures Lifted Directly from Your Nightmares

#8. The Fish That Kills from Below

See the entire creepy gallery here

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Abby and Brittany Hensel Are Conjoined Twins with a New TLC Series

From people, Abby and Brittany Hensel are conjoined twins living extraordinary lives. But that doesn't stop them from trying to be as ordinary as possible.

That's the concept of Abby and Brittany, a new TLC show that follows the twins as they prepare to graduate from college and search for a post-grad job.

"Everywhere they go, they get the stares," says a friend of the twins in PEOPLE's exclusive preview of the show.

However, the Hensels – who share a body but have two distinct personalities – don't let it get to them.

"We throw it out there, and we let it go," says Abby.

Abby and Brittany, which premieres Aug. 28 at 10 p.m. ET, will also follow the twins' post-graduation travels through Europe.

Joss Whedon Signed for ‘The Avengers 2′ and Marvel Live-Action TV Series

From slashfilm, Breaking news: It was just announced on the Walt Disney Investors Conference Call that Joss Whedon will return for The Avengers sequel. Whedon is signed to both write and direct the upcoming sequel. Disney confirmed that Whedon is also involved in the development of the previously-rumored long-lead ABC live-action television series which will be set inside the Marvel cinematic universe.

Whedon had previously said that he was “very torn” about coming back:

“It’s an enormous amount of work telling what is ultimately somebody else’s story, even though I feel like I did get to put myself into it. But at the same time, I have a bunch of ideas, and they all seem really cool.”

Marvel is notoriously cheap when it comes to contracts, so some fans were worried that a deal wouldn’t be made. I think everyone will be excited that Whedon is back for the next one. If I were Kevin Feige I would secure Whedon to a long term contract as an executive producer, overseeing the marvel universe on a Pixar braintrust-level. The Avengers is being tentatively planned for a Summer 2015 release, although Disney and Marvel have not formally announced a date. If that is still the plan, expect filming to begin in early 2014 (April is my bet).

We have no more details about the series, but fans have speculated that it will probably center around SHIELD and possibly introduce third/fourth tier Marvel superheros to the masses.

Awesome! A Documentary About Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch Puppeteer Caroll Spinney

From slashfilm, Jim Henson’s Muppets are such iconic, indelible personalities that it’s almost easy to forget they are, in the end, just bits of felt and foam brought to life by a team of talented human performers. But while the puppeteers behind Sesame Street and The Muppets may not be as well known as the characters they’ve created, their stories can be every bit as fascinating.

Last year’s crowd-pleasing doc Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey told the inspirational true tale of Elmo performer Kevin Clash, and now a group of filmmakers are hoping to give a similar treatment to Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch portrayer Caroll Spinney. Check out a trailer for I Am Big Bird after the jump — and if you like what you see, we’ve got details on how to pitch in for their Kickstarter campaign.

The 78-year-old Spinney has been behind two of Sesame Street‘s most beloved characters since the show began in 1969, working with such visionaries as Frank Oz and Jim Henson. Filmmakers Dave LaMattina, Chad Walker, and Clay Frost are working closely with Spinney for I Am Big Bird, which has just gone through pre-production and is now seeking funds for production and post-production.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

'Expendables 2' Finally Recognized as Powerful Religious Allegory It Is

From iwatchstuff, Now that Chuck Norris's Christ-loving will has been defied with an R rating, The Expendables 2 team is really going after his unforgiving wrath now with this The Last Supper parody depicting Sylvester Stallone as a weapons-loving messiah (that's a bowl of bullets he's about to consume) and the rest of the team--Norris included--as his waxy-looking apostles. Try not to sweat it, Chuck; if God is going to judge you for blasphemy, he's already got you on that time you used Native American spirit power to turn into a bear:

Bryan Singer Says "Battlestar Galactica" Movie is Happening

From worstpreviews, Bryan Singer has been talking about developing a "Battlestar Galactica" film for a while. And now, in an interview with IGN, he revealed that things are still going well.

"I have a script that's in revisions right now, and it's very cool," he said about the script by John Orloff (Legend of the Guardians, A Might Heart).

When asked if the new story will take place in the world of the Glen Larson classic TV series (1978-1980) or in the world of Ron Moore's rebooted series (2004-2009), Singer replied:

"It will exist between the Glen Larson and Ron Moore universes, but that's all I want to say about it. But it's evolving quite well, and quite recently. I've been developing this for a while, and certain things came to fruition recently, and I hope to do it."

Monday, August 06, 2012

NASA's rover Curiosity lands on Mars!

From cnn, CNN) -- NASA's rover Curiosity successfully carried out a highly challenging landing on Mars early Monday, transmitting images back to Earth after traveling hundreds of millions of miles through space in order to explore the Red Planet.

The $2.6 billion Curiosity made its dramatic arrival on Martian terrain in a spectacle popularly known as the "seven minutes of terror."

This jaw-dropping landing process, involving a sky crane and the world's largest supersonic parachute, allowed the spacecraft carrying Curiosity to target the landing area that scientists had meticulously chosen.

The mission control in NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California burst into cheers as the rover touched down. Team members hugged and high-fived one another as Curiosity beamed back the first pictures from the planet, some shed tears.

Full article here!

Box Office

From ew, A sci-fi reboot and kiddie sequel were no match for the third weekend of Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster Batman finale.

The Dark Knight Rises led the box office for a third weekend in a row, grossing $36.4 million and giving Warner Bros.’ $250 million-budgeted Batman sequel $354.6 million domestically after 17 days. The film enjoyed a healthy 41 percent decline from its previous frame, and if its weekend estimate holds up, Rises will have notched a slimmer third weekend drop than The Dark Knight, which fell 43 percent to $42.7 million during its third weekend, thereby lifting its total to $393.8 million.

The slim drop does not mean that Rises will outgross The Dark Knight domestically — it has virtually no chance of catching its $533.3 million total — but it may very well outdo its predecessor worldwide thanks to stronger international grosses. The Dark Knight grossed $468.6 million overseas, which gave it a jaw-dropping $1.002 billion cume worldwide. After three weekends, Rises has earned $378.4 million internationally (for a $733 million worldwide total), and it looks like it is headed past the $1 billion mark as well. Although naysayers may point out that The Dark Knight Rises is performing below original domestic expectations, the film is clearly a hit.

Read the rest here