Sunday, August 31, 2008

Jeffrey Combs doesn't trust his penis

From shocktillyoudrop, He witnessed a decapitated head almost give head. He's seen creatures from beyond. But don't expect Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator) to take part in pal Stuart Gordon's latest H.P. Lovecraft horror movie The Thing on the Doorstep.

"The whole idea is that people get infected by having sex, and so everybody is doing it," says Combs, a happily married man. "And I just said, Stuart, no, thank you, because I know how it breaks down and how it is on set, and I didn't really want to be in that world."

Combs adds, "It's not part of my world. It was just too much, it was like, And then they're writhing, and then they're humping some more, and then they build to a climax, and then they climax, and sweat...I wish him all the best with that one, but not every project's right for me."

Yeah, you'd like to know more about this Thing wouldn't you? Gordon explained what the film was about to us in detail back in May, check out that story here! Gordon is expected to begin filming this fall.

30 days until Horrorthon 2008!

Cool, I mean nerdy guy builds his own landspeeder

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Labor Day weekend Horrorthon!

AC? Anyone...anyone? AC?

JPX, where did AC go?

Did she go to live on a farm with other psychologists? Where they run and jump in the fields all day. Then analyze why they felt the need to run and jump, and was running and jumping a way of covering up emotions they didn't want to talk about.

Did she? Huh? Huh?

A thought on reboots

I was catching up on comments and got to the one about rebooting Superman and this occured to me:

A dark, gritty Superman does seem fundamentally flawed, but I think they could learn a lesson from comic books here: don't be afraid to do A new take on a character that doesn't have to become THE take on the character.

Reboots are relatively new, and what they're supposedly good for is breathing new life into a franchise so a string of sequels can be made exactly like the reboot.

But why not just keep rebooting? Do a dark Superman story, and then do a happy, hopeful one. Comic books do it all the time. DC has a whole Elseworlds imprint for weird sideways takes on their characters.

Movies have already started doing it. Friday the 13ths 9 and 10 were both shameless reboots with no connection to anything. Not the best examples, but Freddy vs. Jason was a great reboot of both franchises. They're already moving in that direction. The Nolan Batman came out 13 years after the last Burton Batman, but the Incredible Hulk reboot came out only five years after Hulk.

Remember how cool the Frank Miller Superman was in the first pages of the third issue of the original Dark Knight? What about an alien invasion from dark, scary aliens, and Supes has to handle dark, scary things to beat them? And then later everything's fine! Like in comics!

(Not really related to what I'm saying here: I think Superman Returns should have been a reboot, but Singer was too in love with the Donner Superman, and gave us a weird sequel instead.)

(The rest of the Disney Sin City girls can be seen here. Some of them are good.)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Octopunk started work at Robot Chicken today

That's right! Got the call yesterday to fill in for a model builder who happens to be the son of Bob "Gilligan" Denver. I'm there through next week, maybe longer.

Funny thing is, I visited the place a week and a half ago, and I was dragging my feet doing a post about that, then they called and I worked there today and now those two stories are all inexorably intertwingled. So I'm going to dispense with the prose and just do bullet points.

-- On my visit they were still shooting for the second Robot Chicken Star Wars special, and I got to see some freaky amazing sets. Now that I'm there, the Star Wars stuff is all finished and the regular RC season is starting (they're on #4).

-- But... since today was Friday, everyone gathered for pizza and drinks and watched the weeklies, and then --surprise!-- the rough cut of the second Robot Chicken Star Wars special. Which is freaking HI-larious.

-- One great thing about both these viewings is that none of the swearing or puppet nudity has been bleeped/tiled out.

-- This part really pains me, but on the visit we were told we couldn't take pictures, and I'm too keen to keep my job to even talk set or plot details about what I've seen there, but it's very, very cool. It has the makings of a true Horrorthon scoop, but I just can't be that extra from Crystal Skull who revealed all that stuff to feel like a big man.

-- I was able to crank out the non-Star-Wars-related prop they needed in pretty good time, so I think they liked me. It was a damn good day after a largely annoying week.

-- I haven't seen all of the first RCSW special (which is where these images are from), but I just Netflixed it. Once again, the second one is damn funny.

Man Sells Last Respect For George Lucas

From geekology, A man is selling his last respect for George Lucas on eBay, in the form of a Darth Maul figure.

Because this Darth Maul represented my faith in George Lucas (it was bought back in the heady days of 1999 when the words Star and Wars still brought to mind childhood dreams and wonderment), you are also bidding on the last morsels of respect I have for the once all-powerful, formally infallible bearded wonder. If you must know, the use of the woeful Wookie 'Tarzan' cry in Revenge of the Sith is the straw that broke the Bantha's back. It was almost unforgivable in Return of the Jedi, but to have it featured again in Episode 3 was just ridiculously [expletive] STUPID!

I've made so many excuses for George in the past - even to the point of suggesting that Jar Jar would be bearable if he spoke in an alien language with subtitles - but after witnessing the CGI monkeys and gophers in Indiana Jones and the UFOs, I've got nothing left for him (except for what this Darth Maul represents)... And to think of the rabid, blind hope I had towards the end of the 90s before I entered the cinema to see Episode 1...

Bidding starts at $10 Australian, but since the seller is a loyal Geekologie reader, he'll accept an old NES cartridge or a naked picture of....well, anything.

More "If celebrities moved to Texas"





Ben & Jennifer

Max Payne trailer

See trailer here

SAW V is coming, just in time for Horrorthon

Michael Jackson, still white, still creepy

Family Guy: The Movie Is Coming

From moviesonline, Right on the heels of posting that Cleveland Show preview I have just caught word that Seth MacFarlane is working on making an animated Family Guy movie. Amazing because it took the Simpsons over 10 years to get a television series and it seems like Family Guy is well on its way.

In an interview with TV Week MacFarlane says, "We want to do it. And it is time. In the past six months we have seriously started talking about it. And my hope is that we will get it going within the next year. Doing the show is a seven-day a week process, so I don't know how we will squeeze in a movie. But we will figure it out. I have an idea about what it will be. It is definitely something you wouldn't be able to do on the show. That's the only reason to do a movie."

He also went on to confirm that they will include nudity and obscenities. Now if you have ever watched the show on TV you will know what he means by nudity. I am really excited to see what they dream up for a full fledged film. Hopefully the can make a MOVIE and not just a TV episode that runs 90 minutes.

Mulder in rehab for sex addiction

From usatoday,David Duchovny, whose Showtime series Californication returns for a new season Sept. 28, has entered rehab for sex addiction, his lawyer tells In a statement, the X-Files actor, 48, says, "I ask for respect and privacy for my wife and children as we deal with this situation as a family."

Duchovny's wife is actress Tea Leoni. Wed since 1997, they have two children.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Is Fox Destroying our Favorite Movies?

From worstpreviewsIn just the last couple of days, I have heard numerous directors and lots of fans complain about 20th Century Fox and the way they deal with some of their upcoming movies.

First, there was "Watchmen." The studio announced that Warner Bros did not have the rights to make the movie and as a result they will do everything in their power to sue, win and then simply throw the movie away.

Then, there was "X-Men Origins: Wolverine." Director Gavin Hood had a big set built for a scene which he requested to look "dark, dinghy and somber." After being away from his newly designed set for a few days, he returns to find it completely repainted on orders from Fox co-chairman and CEO Tom Rothman. The now different set became brighter and less depressing. The source says that he was utterly surprised to see what has happened. But it is nothing new from Rothman.

Then there was "Babylon AD." Director Mathieu Kassovits revealed that 20th Century Fox kept sending their lawyers who made everything difficult. "I never had a chance to do one scene the way it was written or the way I wanted it to be. The script wasn't respected. Bad producers, bad partners, it was a terrible experience."

In the end, "Babylon AD," which is based on a French novel "Babylon Babies" by Maurice Georges Dantec, fails to deliver the book's messages. "It's pure violence and stupidity," he admits. "The movie is supposed to teach us that the education of our children will mean the future of our planet. All the action scenes had a goal, instead parts of the movie are like a bad episode of 24. I should have chosen a studio that has guts. I'm ready to go to war against them, but I can't because they don't give a sh*t."

And now, there is "The Silver Surfer." It was previously rumored that director Alex Proyas (I, Robot) would go on to helm a "Silver Surfer" spin-off. Proyas recently revealed that he would never consider making that film. But why? "Because it's a Fox picture," he said. "And I'm determined never to work with them ever again because of my experience on 'I,Robot.'"

What can be done about a studio like this that's holding rights to some potentially great movies? I don't know for sure, but I can tell you that they got very worried when fans began spreading the message to avoid seeing "Australia," "Wolverine" and other large Fox movies. To appease the fans, Fox has considered letting "Watchmen" go on as planned.

Filmmakers Respond to "Superman" Reboot

From worstpreviews, Last week, Warner Bros announced that they would be interested in rebooting the "Superman" franchise in favor of making it a bit more like "The Dark Knight." The idea is to make the next Superman movie more dark and gritty.

Many fans immediately pleaded their cases, but so did the filmmakers. MTV News caught up with writer Christopher Golden (Hellboy, Buffy) and writer/director Kevin Smith on some of their insights.

"How stupid is that?" exclaimed Golden. "That announcement made my head spin. 'Iron Man' isn't dark. 'Iron Man' worked because Favreau brought in all the best Iron Man creators and had them read the script and asked them, 'Tell me what we did wrong?' — and it worked because it had all the best things about Iron Man boiled down into the best movie they could make. 'The Dark Knight' was really good because it had all the best things about 'Batman' boiled down into the best movie they could make. Making a dark and gritty Superman movie because Dark Knight made a ton of money is incredibly stupid."

Smith is always great for an interesting take or an intelligent analysis. "You always have to always keep Superman very distinct from Batman," he explained. "Batman can be brooding and bleak and dark but Superman — if you want to take a realistic approach to him that's fine, but I don't think you can turn him into an angry character. Superman is about the hope in people, the good in people, whereas Batman is about the more driven, hungry for justice angry side of us. [So] I don't know if doing a dark Superman is the approach, but I'm all for a reboot."

But it was writer Steven T. Seagle who said it best. "'Dark?' 'Light?' Whatever. 'Good' is the main thing we're looking for when we plunk down our ten bucks

JPX will most likely skip this one

From iwatchstuff, The point of any movie poster is, obviously, to stir up interest in whatever movie its promoting. Let me know if you hear anyone saying, "Oooh, we should see that movie about the disheartening confectionery!"

Another cool poster

See a bunch more here

What celebrities would look like if they moved to Texas




More to come...

9021-0h! Shannen and Jennie dish

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: For the new 90210, you were both involved with determining where Kelly and Brenda were in their lives. Jennie, the producers initially wanted Kelly to be a West Beverly Hills High School board member, right? How did she become a guidance counselor?

GARTH: I didn't want to be on the show for no reason. I wanted to have some value. When Gabe and [exec producer] Jeff [Judah] told me some of the things they were doing, I was like, ''Whoa. That is not 90210, people.'' They were trying to educate me [about] how teens are in high school today. It was so shocking to me that I thought I should bring a positive spin somehow. Of course, I have yet to guide or counsel anyone.

DOHERTY: I think they must have told you the same things they told me.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What kinds of things?

DOHERTY: All I know is there's a girl giving a guy a b--- job in the first episode.
GARTH: When they told me that, I thought, Aaron Spelling is rolling over in his grave right now.

Full interview here

Actual cake from Wal-Mart

I like this poster

Free Hilarious "Tropic Thunder" Documentary on iTunes

From worstpreviews, Beginning today, DreamWorks Pictures is offering an original documentary "Rain of Madness," for download exclusively on the iTunes Store. For free.

"Rain of Madness," starring Jay Baruchel, Jack Black, Steve Coogan, Robert Downey Jr., Bill Hader, Nick Nolte and Ben Stiller is a companion piece to the hit comedy "Tropic Thunder," which debuted in theaters nationwide on August 13th, and serves as a documentary of the making-of the feature film. It was shot on location in Hawaii, at the same locations used in the feature film, and details the demise of the fictitious cast & crew of "Tropic Thunder," as they struggle to finish shooting their film despite numerous shooting, budgeting and casting problems.

"We wanted to do a fake documentary about the making of the movie within the movie which is called "Tropic Thunder" – not the actual movie "Tropic Thunder." The fake documentary focuses on the real movie's fake director, and what happens to the fake cast before they go into the real jungle. It's pretty straightforward," says Ben Stiller, one of the stars of the documentary and the director/star/producer and co-writer of "Tropic Thunder."

Dracula origin story is in the works

From filmstalker, Alex Proyas has been talking about his next film Dracula Year Zero, a film that takes the real life story of Prince Vlad of Transyvania, the stories of his acts of impaling that led to the Bram Stoker story of Dracula.

He utters the phrase that is fast becoming a Hollywood benchmark since The Dark Knight (Filmstalker review) proved it's worth so well, and tells us how it's going to be more realistic and we should think of that very Batman reinvention.

What's interesting though is what he reveals about where the character is going to go, and although MTV Movies Blog don't delve deep enough into what we're going to get, they do get a few titbits from him.

He reveals that his Dracula is still going to have teeth and stakes will feature, but no garlic. Wow, talk about probing interviews.

That aside, I love the idea that this film is going to merge the historical facts, the mythology of Vlad the Impaler, and the Bram Stoker story together, what we could get is a really exciting Dracula origin story, something pretty unique and visceral.

Of course he promises lot's of blood too. I think an Alex Proyas created Dracula film could be something very special, just look what happens when he gets his way in a film, for example Dark City, and unlike when he doesn't get his way like I, Robot. He also reveals that this is why he'll never make a Silver Surfer film, because it's at Fox and they were responsible for the final I, Robot.

So, Dracula Year Zero, is it too much of following the Hollywood trend, or could this story have something different to offer?

I think I'll skip Guitar Praise

From geekology, Guitar Praise: Solid Rock is a Guitar Hero rip-off available next month for $100. It will only be available for PC and Mac though, so you'll have to talk your PS3 or 360 into converting. How do you play?

Two guitars can be connected at the same time, so two guitarists can play together - either on the same track or one on lead, the other on bass. Players press the fret buttons and strum on the strum bar in time to the color-coded notes as they scroll onscreen.

Sounds original. The game comes loaded with Christian favorites like Jesus Is My Drinking Buddy and I Wanna Roundhouse The Devil In The Nuts. And who can forget that Christmas classic Santa, You Fat Bastard, You Ate All The Cookies Now Where The Fuck's My Video Games? It's available for pre-order now, but that's not what Jesus would do. Jesus would wait to read some reviews and then steal it from Wal-Mart. Trust me, I went to Sunday school.

The Strangers 2

From darkhorizons, Rogue Pictures is planning a sequel to the recent hit low-budget horror flick "The Strangers" reports Variety.

Bryan Bertino wrote the original and made his directing debut on the film.

He will pen the sequel script, but it's yet to be determined whether he'll helm the sequel.

The original cost a mere $9 million and despite mixed reviews took in over $54 million domestically. The story followed a couple terrorised in their remote house by three masked assailants.

Liv Tyler along with several of the original villains will return in the project slated to begin shooting early next year.

Bertino is also attached to direct the thrillers "Black" and "Alone".

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Will Whirlygirl sing in the park today?

I have this crazy friend that’s involved with this group that sings in the park for fun. Last time they got together they sang a Czechoslovakian song on the stairs at Brown University. I’m absolutely dying to see this, but my friend has warned me that she’ll never forgive me if I come as a spectator and if I want to see it then I must sing. I said I’d lip-sync like I did in seventh grade chorus, but apparently they huddle in a circle and it will be obvious to everyone that I’m not really singing. They will be at a park right down the street from me so I feel obligated to go, but should I sing my heart out or spy from behind a tree? For me singing in public is almost the equivalent of public speaking so it would be good for me, I suppose. It could end up being fun. Maybe I should let loose and let these group of strangers, that I’m sure wouldn’t be paying attention to me anyway, hear my terrible singing voice. It’s a dilemma.


The Daily Mail says that onlookers were “shocked” as Katie Holmes left rehearsals last night on Broadway because of several prominent bruises on both of her knees.

The actress smiled at waiting photographers, but her navy shift dress revealed the painful-looking injuries.
Despite the late hour, the wife of actor Tom Cruise accessorized her simple outfit with a pair of oversized designer shades.
Perhaps the 29-year-old hurt herself entertaining two-year-old daughter Suri. Hands-on mum Katie thinks nothing of kicking off her shoes to join her pretty daughter on the trampoline or at play.

She was giving head. There. We were all thinking it. She bruised her knees when she dropped to the floor to blow some guy. And I bet it was crazy good. I don’t know why but I think Katie would be awesome in bed. Some girls you can just tell. Sex with Katie would be like riding a bronco. Sex with Jennifer Love Hewitt would be reading a county school boards budget.

Buy a Role in Spider-Man 4

FRom slashfilm, Common sense would have you believe that Sony wouldn’t auction off a walk-on role in a movie which hasn’t even been given a greenlight… or would they? /Film reader Chuck W sends along word that the studio is doing exactly that. Sony is auctioning off a visit to the set of Spider-Man 4 (Location of visit will be determined by Sony Pictures based on scheduling of visit) that would include a meet and greet with the cast (this is where I expected the disclaimer “Cast will be determined by Sony Pictures based on who is willing to come back after we finish the script”) , a walk-on/extra role in the film, a trip to the New York premiere and more. The proceeds go to the Stand Up To Cancer charity. You can see the ebay auction here.

Let’s not kid ourselves. Obviously a fourth Spider-Man film is going to happen, with or without Raimi or any of the original cast, and this is just further confirmation of such. Even so, I do find it hillarious that Sony would put this up for auction when a final screenplay hasn’t even been turned into the studio, and no cast and crew have yet to sign on to the project.

Slyly, included in the fine print is “If experience cannot be fulfilled, Sony Pictures will provide alternative set visits/premieres based on the provider’s availability”. How pissed would you be if you spent tens of thousands of dollars and they changed the film to the Goosebumps movie? The current high bid (as of this writing) is $5,000 and the auction ends on September 5th.

Angry fans join in the battle over 'Watchmen'

By Scott Bowles, USA TODAY

LOS ANGELES — Fox and Warner Bros. are squabbling over the rights to Watchmen. But a third, unlikely party has emerged in the battle: fans.
Watchmen, adapted from a graphic novel and starring Jackie Earle Haley and Matthew Goode, is one of the most anticipated releases of 2009.

Warner Bros. made the film and plans to release it March 6, but 20th Century Fox has filed a suit claiming it has some rights to the project. As part of the litigation, Fox asked a judge to block the movie's release.

Few in the industry expect that to happen. But fans of the graphic novel aren't quietly waiting for the legal process to sort it out.

They're taking on Fox, threatening to boycott the studio's future movies and, more alarming to studio executives, pirate films. That includes one of Fox's biggest of 2009, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, scheduled for May 1.

"It's pure rage out there," says Rob Worley, host of and author of the graphic novel The Revenant. "Fans are mortified this movie won't come out, and they're threatening a studio at a level I've never seen before."

Fox isn't showing any signs of backing off, however.

"While it's understandable that fans would react with passion, copyright infringement cannot be swept under the rug," the studio said in an e-mail.

But fans question why Fox brought the suit after the $100 million film was completed.

"It's the timing that bothers people the most," says Garth Franklin of the comic fan site

Fox says the studio tried to resolve the issue out of court. But "we were repeatedly rebuffed."

Warner Bros. says in a statement: "We … do not believe they have any rights in and to this project."

Relationships between studios and diehard fans, who now have a bigger voice via the Internet, have traditionally been stormy. Many fans of the Watchmen graphic novel didn't even want a movie in the hands of a big studio. But the movie's trailer was a hit at this year's Comic-Con, "and now suddenly everyone is worried it's not going to come out," Worley says. "And now they're not the fans of (Fox's) X-Men that they once were."

That kind of finicky loyalty can make it impossible to address fan concerns, says David Poland of

Many fans "don't know anything about the business of making movies, which can be pretty ugly when you draw the curtains back," he says. "They're angry without considering that, legally, Fox may have a point."

Of course, it's the moviegoers who make the ultimate point.

"Fans of this genre have a very long memory," Franklin says. "I wouldn't be surprised if, when Wolverine comes out, if there was a backlash."

Decades later Mackenzie Phillips continues to ruin her life

Poor Mackenzie Phillips. Busted again. Just in at TMZ: The One Day at a Time star was been arrested at LAX.

She was apparently stopped this morning during the screening process and security found baggies and balloons believed to contain heroin and cocaine. Phillips, 48, is in custody right now.

Mackenzie's drug troubles go way back. Here she is in 1998 testifying on Capitol Hill at a hearing on drug addiction.

By Joe Marquette, AP

[Recent conversation JPX had with Whirlygirl while watching American Graffiti 2 weeks ago]

JPX: Oh, there's Mackenzie Phillips looking so young!

WG: Who is Mackenzie Phillips?

JPX: You know, the chick from One Day at a Time who was kicked off the show because of her coke addiction.

WG: I've never heard of One Day at a Time.

JPX: You know, the show with Schneider?

WG: [blank look]

JPX: Sigh.


Read all about it!

Damn, The Coffin trailer is f'ing freaky!

From filmstalker, There's a trailer online for a Thai horror film called The Coffin which is inspired by the real life ritual of Thai people that in order to ward off bad luck and prolong life, they get themselves into a coffin.

Yeah, that's what I thought, sounds crazy. Just wait until you see the trailer, it's more than crazy, it's positively frightening.

You can see the trailer below through Twitch. The Coffin comes from Ekachai Uekrongtham and stars Karen Mok, Ananda Everingham, and Andrew Lin. See what you think, but even looking at the trailer it seems to blow most of the western horrors right out of the water - Saw teaser? Yeah, right, this laughs in the face of such horrors.

See creepy trailer here

BEEP BOOP BEEP: Ultra-Rare R2-D2 Fridge

From iwatchstuff, This R2-D2 fridge, one of only 1,000 given away at Japanese 7-11's back in 2002 as a promotional prize for when Attack of the Bones came out, is now for sale by ToyEast. The trashcanny droid can both cool and heat your meat, but asking price is a staggering $1,070. So yeah, a little out of my price range. But I did just call up a Jawa buddy of mine and told him I'd pay upwards of $40 for one in good condition. Then I threatened to gouge those glowing eyes right out of his fucking head if he doesn't make it happen. Shifty little bastard stole my toaster once.

Woody Allen Makes a Production Blog, Calls It Outdated 'Diary' Because He's Old

From iwatchstuff, Prominent neurotic Woody Allen has written a fake production diary in support of Vicky Cristina Barcelona, and it's just as absurd and self-deprecating as you'd think it would be:

Barcelona is a marvelous city. Crowds turn out in the streets to watch us work. Mercifully they realize I’ve no time to give autographs, and so they ask only the cast members. Later I handed out some 8-by-10 photos of myself shaking hands with Spiro Agnew and offered to sign them, but by then the crowd had dispersed.


Filmed at La Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s masterpiece. Was thinking I have much in common with the great Spanish architect. We both defy convention, he with his breathtaking designs and me by wearing a lobster bib in the shower.

Do you think there might be parts where he talks about having sex with Scarlett Johansson and Penélope Cruz? Of course there are. That's why it's classic Woody.

Read more here

Towelhead offends

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - An Islamic civil rights advocacy group has asked Warner Bros. to change the title of its upcoming film "Towelhead" because, it says, "the word is commonly used in a derogatory manner against people of the Muslim faith or Arab origin."

The studio said it plans to stand by the filmmakers, who chose the title to point out racial stereotypes, though it added, "We apologize for any offence that is caused by the title."

"Towelhead," directed by "Six Feet Under" creator Alan Ball and adapted for the screen by Alicia Erian from her novel of the same name, looks at the life of a 13-year-old Lebanese-American girl in the early '90s. A Warner Independent specialty title now being handled by parent studio Warners, it is scheduled to open September 12 in limited release in New York and Los Angeles.

The Greater Los Angeles Area office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations said Monday that because the moniker is a "racial and religious slur," Warners should consider calling the film "Nothing Is Private," the title under which it debuted at last year's Toronto International Film Festival.

Erian, who is Arab-American, said that although the title is an ethnic slur, she "selected it to highlight one of the novel's major themes: racism."

She called CAIR's work "admirable," but said that "the solution ... is not to force the artist to alter her work, but instead to use the occasion of that work as an entry point for meaningful debate and discussion."

Ball said he felt it was important to retain the title of Erian's novel because "she so effectively dramatizes the pain inflicted by such language, something many people of non-minority descent never have to face."

Game De-makes: BioShock For Gameboy

From geekology, The Pixelation forum ran a contest for users to create screenshots of what modern games would look like on the Gameboy. As you can see, that's BioShock, and there's a pretty good Twilight Princess and Guitar Hero after the jump. The board's current contest is to make your own Mega Man level, within the color and graphic limitations of the original NES games. Pretty neat stuff, and there's definitely a good amount of talent out there. Check it out and give it a go if it's your cup of tea. If it's my cup of tea, slip in a roofie when I go to the bathroom. I'm trying to get crunked.

See more examples here

Official One Sheet For 'After Dark Horrorfest III'

[JPX] Last year I watched all the films from the first After Dark Horrorfest. They were a mixed bag but ultimately pretty fun. I'm planning on watching the After Dark Horrorfest II films in 5 weeks...

Thankfully, Zombie staying away from Halloween II

Arrow in the Head reports that Dimension is moving forward with a sequel to Rob Zombie's "Halloween" without the helmer's involvement.

Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo, who were attached to the "Hellraiser" remake, have confirmed themselves as the co-directors.

Maury tells Rue Morgue Magazine that "Our vision will be done with the utmost respect, with a continuity to Zombie's work. But also a real evolution of the world he set in place."

The original "Halloween" sequel was set mostly around a hospital, no word on where this sequel will take place.

De2cent renamed?

From darkhorizons, Pathe Films has renamed their sequel to Neil Marshall's "The Descent" to simply "The Descent: Part 2" reports Bloody Disgusting.

The sequel will continue the story of Sarah, the only survivor of an all-female caving expedition gone horrifically wrong.

Unable to speak due to the psychological stress, she accompanies a rescue team back to the cave, but events once again take a sinister turn.

No word yet on a release date from Lionsgate, though sometime next year is estimated.

Land of the Lost's Enik

Over at Collider they have the first look at Land of the Lost's Enik (left). CHUD has provided more details on the character:

A time traveling Altrusian lives in the Land of the Lost, a dude by the name of Enik, who guards a time portal (in the original series, at least). Enik could talk and wear clothes, unlike the degraded, devolved Sleestaks.
Wow. I'm a little weirded out right now because, besides the whole time traveling and guarding a time portal thing, this guy sounds exactly like me.

WB Launches Hulu Competitor

From slashfilm, Warner Bros is launching a Hulu competitor on, which will include ad supported seasons of popular WB shows like Friends, The OC, Veronica Mars, One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Smallville.

According to TechCrunch, the site will offer a bunch of features not offered by Hulu or other television network sites. For example, you will be able to search the entire library for words spoken within the episodes. I can see this being useful for someone trying to find a certain episode, or even a certain part of an episode. They will also have a feature which will allow users to mash-up selected clips from each show and embed the result on their own sites.