Saturday, August 15, 2015

Getting excited for Horrorthon!?!?!?

So Yeah! Eight more weeks! I decided not to do a theme this year because I found it hard to find most of the movies..Sorry, Christopher Lee. RIP.

Who else is excited!??!?!


Octopunk said...

YES. I am TOTALLY EXCITED. I kinda tanked on Horrorthon last year without much explanation, worse than I've ever tanked before. It was the month that we had to move Julie's grandfather out of the house and into a nursing home. I was watching some movies but I had a long To Do list at the end that I didn't even Reveiw Bomb. Mostly Kaiju flicks.

Anyway, three cheers to Abby for sounding the bell! This year marks the TENTH ANNIVERSARY of the Horrorthon Blog. No kidding!

AC said...

Yes totally psyched, guys!! I am toying with a couple of theme possibilities but will likely revert to easily accessible streaming movies. As a side goal hope to write more reviews than Mr AC (he usually watches way more movies but doesn't always write them up).

Tenth anniversary, cool!

JPX said...

I have been thirsting for horror lately and I just watched a good one called "Preservation" On Netflix, check it out! Can't wait for the annual madness...10 years, woot!!!