Monday, January 04, 2016

Hey Guys! Happy New Year!

Hello!  Here's another in a series of posts about things I said I was gonna do -- and I'm still gonna!  After finishing my reviews, I flaked off while we all did Xmas and New Years and Star Wars and now I have a new thing looming.  The second-ever Bricks LA is in Pasadena this weekend, and I'm scrambling to build as much as I can.  Enjoy a sneak peek!

Afterwards, I'll be posting my Best Ofs and finishing off those trophies, so stay the hell tuned!

(Wish me luck.  There's prizes.  Which are more Lego.)


JPX said...

Happy New Year, Octo and the rest of you rascals! Good luck in your contest (I have seen more than a sneak peak and I believe you have a winner there!).

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Love the sneak peak. Kick ass Octo!

DKC said...

I love this guy! Great hair. Can't wait to see more!

AC said...

Good luck Octopunk and happy new year everybody!!