Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Horrorthon 2016! I’m gonna have to take it easy.

Hey guys!  Normally around this time I’m already full into my Horrorthon Countdown jazz, but two things have jammed the hell out of my efforts.  First, my damn computer needs fixing, as the monitor goes black at random times and will only turn back on for a few seconds at a time.  And I haven’t even dealt with that because I’ve been pouring everything into a HUGE collaborative Lego project my buddies and I are cooking up for BrickCon, the west coast’s biggest Lego convention (and yeah I’ll be posting photos of that).  The convention is this weekend, as in I’m getting on a plane in a couple of hours, and I’ll be totally unable to watch or write anything.

Sucks, right?  I have to admit I’m also super anxious about the damn election and diving into horror might not be the thing to do (or it’s THE thing to do, I’ll find out next week).

The pic above is (left to right) the subjects of the first, second and third place trophies for LAST year, which I still haven’t finished because I’m unbelievably lame.  But I will.

Love you guys!



JPX said...

Horrorthon starts two days from now, on a Saturday to boot! Yes I will be starting a film at midnight...

Octo, face it, your computer is an antique, get a new one! I had to make the same conclusion recently. I'm just waiting for the next generation of iMacs to come out later this fall.

AC said...

Yay horrorthon! In solidarity with Octopunk (ok, really because of my own life and schedule) will be taking it easy as well this October. Hoping to read every review and maybe find a hidden gem or two myself.

Good luck at BrickCon, Octopunk!
Enjoy your midnight movie, JPX!


Catfreeek said...

I will be jumping again but I'm not sure I will be giving my usual gusto as I am now singing in two bands and I have three gigs this month. I also have two weddings to officiate and my mom to take care of but have no fear Abduscias & I are planning on a few collaborations as well as some excursions into Halloweeny delights. Horrorthon!