Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Is PG-13 really all that bad?

I agree with a lot of this guy's points.


Octopunk said...

There is some truth to what he's saying, especially the part about resorting to foreign horror if the domestic stuff tastes bad.

PG-13 might not be all that bad in itself, but since it means "marketed for teenagers," we're likely looking at another vehicle for today's faces and songs.

Honestly, I rarely know what a movie's rated even after I've seen it. I do get bummed if I hear something is PG-13, because in a world in which new horror is so often disappointing, it's a further downer to know there's no serious gore. Or tits.

JPX said...

I was always down on PG-13 until I saw The Ring. The Ring proved that good horror need not involve copious amounts of blood, although the lack of boobs can be a problem =)

Octopunk said...

The Ring was PG-13? I always forget that. Yeah, that certainly proves you don't need the big R to scare, but if you heard the Evil Dead remake was PG-13, you'd pitch a fit.


Summerisle said...

Yeah 'cuz there's a fine line between scare movies and gore movies. Octo, your halloween costume was totally cool!

Octopunk said...

Thanks dude! I was wondering where you were.