Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Kong Likes Blondes

Oh. My. God. I just got back from seeing King Kong and I'm so completely blown away I don't even know what to write. There's sooooo so so much that isn't even hinted at in the trailers. Astounding. Go see it. It's like the most satisfying slice of adventure cake you ever had. With ice cream.


I'mnotMarcbutmyboyfriendis said...

heartily concur with octopunk's post. it was huge in every aspect. so many unforgettable moments. the brontosaurus stomp, naomi watts's juggle dance, the stunning native ritual -- and that all happens before the halfway point of the movie. jackson aims to match the awe inspired by the original. is it possible this is the most thrilling movie since star wars?

JPX said...

Wait just a minute, Octopunk, I expect more of a review than that, hop to it!

Summerisle said...

That's it, I don't know if I can wait till Xmas to see this flick!