Sunday, May 26, 2013

Giant Lego X-Wing

Have you guys seen this? 

From Time Newsfeed:

 Planning began roughly 18 months ago, at a LEGO facility in the Czech Republic. Execs knew they wanted something big and Star Wars-y to promote their new toy-inspired animated miniseries (The Yoda Chronicles, premiering May 29 on Cartoon Network), and recreating a fan-favorite flier like the X-Wing “just seemed like a great thing to do,” says Varszegi.

You can read the article here.  And here's another link that has a really cool photo gallery - a couple of which are posted below.


AC said...

the article says it's the largest lego creation in the world... pretty cool!

Octopunk said...

For some reason (cough cough) a lot of people have been notifying me of this bad bastard. Not many of the articles point out the weirdness of upscaling the bricks -- this isn't a life-sized model of an X-Wing, it's a model of a LEGO set X-Wing enlarged to life size.

Which is so weeeeird! Check out the two pics I added, the huge 2x2 dish piece and the freaking giant LEGO white rubber bands really show it off.