Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Daily Spider-Man Double Dose! I went to the beach yesterday!

In a move I can finally agree with, Spider-Man fucks off out of his own strip for some time off.

God, look at him in panel two.  "What's that?  Corruption at the highest levels, the sort of thing I should be using my power to thwart?  Boring!  I'll make this Rex Reed face instead."


Johnny Sweatpants said...

A notorious criminal mastermind stops a couple of thugs from escaping prison so they give him a full pardon and allow him to experiment with NUCLEAR POWER? Makes sense to me!

JPX said...

I know, right? I say this with every new story but this is shaping up to be the most ridiculous story yet! I love the Peter head tilt. It's like it hurts him to think. Peter is kind of dumb.