Sunday, July 06, 2014

Daily Spider-Man! Since he can't put his costume on, Peter mentions his Spider Sense so he can at least wear the half-face. Puh-thetic.


JPX said...

I like how Peter spends time wondering whether or not the owner of the car has car insurance.

JPX said...

I can't help but think that the half-face thing is a way to remind people that this is a Spider-Man strip. They must know that they will lose their audience if there is not enough Spider-Man. Half-face-Spider-Man (henceforth to be known as HFSM) is ALWAYS shown when Peter-Parker is just hanging out.

Also, if Peter senses danger wouldn't HFSM occur non-stop? I mean, he's in NYC, when is crime not occurring? In the time I typed this someone was pick-pocketed!

DCD said...

Nice one, JPX!
I'm also pretty appalled by his "photography" techniques. That camera is "Klick"-ing all over the place and in some frames he's not even looking through the viewfinder!