Friday, April 10, 2015

Play the Pac-Man-Pong-Space Invaders mash-up Pacapong for free

From ew, Pacapong puts such a twist on your nostalgia that there’s a good chance you haven’t played Pac-Man—or Pong or Space Invaders—like this before.

Enter Pacapong, a mash-up of three of video games’ best-known staples that is surprisingly fun and addictingly competitive.

Available on the indie game, Pacapong comes from kingPenguin and is available for free on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Pacapong pits two players against each other, each controlling a Pong paddle on either side of the screen. But rather than shooting a ball back and forth, each player catches and launches a Pac-Man into a Pac-Man level, complete with ghosts to avoid and pellets to eat. Each player must attempt to chomp down on more pellets than the other player. Oh, and Space Invaders aliens will occasionally rain down from the top of the screen for each player to contend with while playing.

Rounds are short enough that you can easily play two, three, or 10 without even realizing it. And Pacapong only requires you to use directional or WASD keys, so it’s relatively easy to pick up, play, and get lost in the mayhem.

Play and download Pacapong now, and expect one final recognizable game character to show up while playing. Though it’s best to leave that one a surprise.

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Johnny Sweatpants said...

Finally you're doing something FOR me!