Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park

1978  *****

Alright Ladies and Gents, I saw exactly one movie for Horrorthon this year and it was far and away the best Horrorthon movie I have seen in all of 2015. In fact, while I expect you to tease me mercilessly for my biddyness this year, I at least want support or a shout out from JSP for this one.

On to the review:

The soundtrack was superb and the nostalgia factor beyond belief!  
I was in a constant state of deja vu throughout the entire viewing. Now, I have no concrete evidence of, nor any solid recollection of ever seeing Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park before, but I swear every scene seemed absolutely and completely familiar.

Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park (which I have shamefully had to correct the title of twice now having accidentally typed Kiss Meets the Phantom Menace) deserves all the stars in the world.

Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park is a magical Kisstastical romp through Magic Mountain.
proof of Magic Mountain being romped through
Abner Devereux, creator and caretaker of the the park rides and associated automatons and animatronics (ah alliteration) goes mad when Kiss gets more attention than Abner’s creations. He gets a wee bit competitive with Kiss (my theory is that Abner must have some inferiority complex related to Gene's Demon's tongue, but I digress) and goes pure evil causing mysterious disappearances and ride malfunctions. Our Rock and Roll heroes have to fight the villainous Abner via his creations including the all out brawl with their bad selves (animated alter-Kiss) on stage during their sold out concert. Did I just ruin the unpredictable surprise ending? I’m sorry. How ‘bout I try to make it up to you with the following pic?

yup - that shits for real yo!


Octopunk said...

I don't think there are enough capital letters for this, but AWWWW YEAHHHHHHH!!!!!

Well maybe you only saw one movie this year, but you saw it with the STARS of said movie on a motherfucking BOAT. I'm pretty sure you just unlocked and subsequently destroyed a new level of Horrorthon. Who among us will be the next to brave the open water for horror? (Probably not me.)

Damn funny review, and I think your experiencing deja vu watching something you maybe never saw captures this movie perfectly.

Octopunk said...

Well I can't think of any better inspiration to close out the year's efforts than that. Way to bring it, Tami. I'm typing my next one right now, but I'll post it tomorrow night because yours deserves to be top of the blog for the day.

JPX, dust off your brain and remember what movie you saw! And Johnny, Saw! Saw Saw Saw!

Tami said...

Unfortunately I did not see it *with* the stars of said movie--but I think that has more to do with the fact that they aren't too proud of it. Rumor has it some of the stars were so inebriated that the didn't know what the #$%& they were doing during filming. There was however a family screening of the Scooby Doo and Kiss Rock and Roll Mystery. Let's all brave the open water for horror together! How's next year? Who's with me?

Octopunk said...

Maybe they weren't in the theater but they were on the same boat!

AC said...

THIS is what horrorthon is all about!! If you're only going to see one movie, make it count. Great pick, great review!!

JPX said...

I can't believe you went on a KISS Kruise! Ac and I met KISS a few years ago and it was so much fun. I've always wanted to do the Kruise (you are extra cool in my eyes now!). Great choice for a movie. KMTPOFP is a great slice of 70s cheese! I hope next year you watch more movies, we missed you! We also missed Landshark (jerk).

Tami said...

JPX, Kiss Kruise VI is being planned--let's save up now and go! It was amazing! :0) I had such a blast! Definitely the best vacation I've had! How did you and AC meet KISS?

Tami said...

btw, that invite was to all horrorthon bloggers--let's all go on KKVI!

7ofNine said...

Please please please take lots & lots of pictures & post them. I'll party (in solidarity) from the mainland!

AC said...

A friend (sadly we are not in touch any more) had a connection to the band and got us backstage passes. My one and only time backstage, and it was a good one!

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Aw hell yeah Tami! This movie is an absolute treasure and its very existence brings me great joy. I can pretty much recite it.