Friday, October 27, 2017


(2018) ****

Jigsaw is back! Or is he? Wasn't he dead...?
Movie for-fills the daily bloodlust desire! This movie didn't disappoint at all. BUT- If you've seen the trailers, you have seen most of the movie's best parts, except for the grand finale-which is the best part as usual.

We've got the nasty traps that require self sacrificing body parts/blood shedding to survive the next level. I don't remember Jigsaw(John)'s life career, but boy can he make some serious con-trap-tions!
These victims have effected John's life in one way or another and they must confess their sins. Who will survive? And is Jigsaw really alive?


Abduscias said...

Is anyone on this blog? I don't see any comments or any other reviews since this one...?

Catfreeek said...

I’m here just been slacking. Glad to hear this was good.

Abduscias said...

It's just weird how usually there are a whole bunch more posts from other people, and the totals of reviews?

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