Wednesday, January 16, 2013

And Speaking of Toy Story...

I don't know if this is standard Disney Store fare, but the new one near us has a spot where kids can sit and color and zone out in front of a big curved screen. A touch screen device will let you queue up featurettes to watch; these range from useless promos to decent music video tie-ins to old Disney shorts with Mickey et al, some of which are pretty damn good. I watched the one in which Chip and Dale get to live inside a Christmas Tree (I'm so jealous!) a couple of times last month. (The "Mickey Mouse Store," as Zack calls it, is a standard stop on our mall trips, our indoor playground venue when it's too dark or too cold to hit the outdoor kind.)

Anyway, the Toy Story short above was available on the Diz Store screen last week, and it is freakin' HILARIOUS. Rex is the nerd amongst the usual cast, but when he pulls a guest stint in the tub he becomes the King of Rave. There's no genuine place for the words "drug-fueled" in this story, but it sure feels like there should be.

I just bought it on iTunes, and I may go after the other two Toy Story Toons as well (neither of which are available on the Disney Store screen). If you happen by one of those stores, I suggest poking your head in to check it out.

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