Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Benefits of Legos for Kids You Never Thought Of

From My Kidsguide:  Yes, there are benefits of LEGOs beyond basic building skills! You might think of your kids’ LEGO pieces as something you dread finding in the dark. Those little plastic bricks offer much more than just sore feet and irritated parents. There are benefits your kids can reap from playing with LEGOs that you may not have thought of.

Helps Improve Dexterity

If your child struggles with their manual dexterity, working with those little colored bricks can certainly help them out. Start with the biggest blocks for younger kids and help your child work on picking them up and work with them. As their dexterity improves, introduce smaller and smaller blocks. This also helps develop fine motor skills as kids need to learn to manipulate their fingers in order to pick up and work with blocks of assorted sizes.

Helps Improve Attention Span

If you have a kiddo who bounces from activity to activity and flits from thought to thought, working with LEGO blocks can help improve their attention span. For highly distractible kids, working with and playing with those assorted blocks can give them something to focus on and help lengthen their attention span. Focusing on a task like building something with blocks can also help calm a hyperactive child. To improve attention and focus, give your child specific designs to build. For example, ask them to build a car or create a house out of LEGO blocks. This gives them a goal and helps them focus on meeting it.

Playing With LEGOs Helps With Following Directions

If your child enjoys LEGO building sets, this interest helps them improve their abilities to follow directions. How does that work? LEGO building sets come with specific instructions to create the design and those instructions must be followed step by step in order to create the play set. This also fosters an attention to detail in children as they must do each step in order and exactly as written if they want the set to turn out right.

Creates Interest in Art and Design

Creating designs and structures with LEGO blocks can help foster an interest in art and design. If your child seems to enjoy stepping outside the LEGO box and creating unusual structures, you can encourage their interests by adding more blocks and help them come up with designs to work on.

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DCD said...

Yeah, man! Legos rule. Jake got two great sets for Christmas and one of Maggie's top list items was the Lego Creator Treehouse set.