Tuesday, December 30, 2014

That's No Bantha: Custom Built Landspeeder Cat Bed

From geekology, This is the custom Star Wars landspeeder cat bed built by pet furniture maker Roxy's Dream. Ittook over 40-hours to complete and is for sale for $600. No word if the cat is included in the price, but for $600 it better be, and it better be able to talk. And not all sassy like my last cat, Miss Marple. She used to call me fat when I'd get out of the shower. But only if I'd already fed her that night -- she was smart. I wonder whatever happened to her. "Nothing, you made her up." Oh thank goodness. I was starting to worry maybe she got hit by a car or something.


7ofNine said...

Cat milk came out of my nose (from laughing so hard) when I read that - it was so funny! Not from milking a cat, obviously. Because that would be weird.

AC said...

dang, hope mr. ac doesn't see this and get ideas... our cat is spoiled enough already.

DCD said...

I totally thought of you guys when I read this, AC!