Friday, January 23, 2015

Confession: We Secretly Think These 2015 Movies Will Be Terrible

The Fantastic Four

From cinemablend, When The Fantastic Four reboot was first announced, I was so in. The first round of movies with Jessica Alba & company didn’t really come together, and I wanted to see someone do them correctly. Director Josh Trank seemed like the man to do it, but here we are, in mid-January, and we haven’t seen a damn piece of footage. Even more troubling, rumors are swirling that Trank destroyed the production house and was a complete dick to the crew. Now we’re getting an untold amount ofreshoots.

I desperately want this movie to work. I really, really do. But at this point, we all need to admit things look pretty bad.

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Shit Movie Fest said...

Sadly there has yet to be a good F4 flick, from the Roger Corman turd up to Rise of the Silver Surfer this team deserves so much better!

Octopunk said...

Not sure if I agree with the whole list, but I do have a bad feeling about Jupiter Ascending and I want it to be good. But I'm not that invested.