Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Marvel Concedes Opening Record to 'Jurassic World' with Painting of Chris Pratt on Mjolnir-Wielding T-Rex

From iwatch stuff, The final numbers are in and it's now official: Jurassic World had the biggest domestic opening of all time. Universal is reporting that their film brought in $208.8 million over the weekend, putting it just ahead of Marvel's The Avengers, which in 2012 set the prior opening record with $207.4 million. Hooray for money! And hooray to Chris Pratt, from Marvel Studios. That company's president, Kevin Feige, earlier today sent out a tweet about the achievement, saying, "Congrats Mr. Spielberg @UniversalPics @Legendary @LeDoctor @colintrevorrow and especially @prattprattpratt." Also included in the tweet? Artwork of Pratt riding a Mjolnir-wielding dinosaur and facing off against the Avengers. Have a look at the full piece below, then off to the tattoo shop with you.


Johnny Sweatpants said...

Has anyone seen this yet? Why is it that I cannot muster up any enthusiasm to see this movie whatsoever?

JPX said...

Dad and Benjamin loved it!

7ofNine said...

1. Yes.
2. Because you don't have enough Dunkin Donuts being pumped directly into your veins to activate your Jurrasicortex lobe. That's why.

(It's fun, and benefits from the big screen)

Octopunk said...

You're all ignoring what's important, which is: what the fuck is a T-Rex going to do with that hammer when he's got those teeny arms?

DCD said...