Friday, August 09, 2013

Adventure Time opening in Lego!

Greetings my horror homies!  I've been off the grid this past week while hanging out in a big house with my family.  Big thanks to JPX for getting Spider-Man up there and apologies to all the east coast Horrorthonners I did not manage to see -- it was one of those high-impact vacations.

Holy cats Trevor and his lady got a kid!  What a cutie.  I should warn you that parenthood may have an averse effect on your Horrorthon score.

Our visuals today come from a project I worked on last year: a version of the opening of Adventure Time with Finn and Jake made completely out of Lego pieces.  We busted our butts getting it ready for Comic-Con but then for unspecified legal reasons it couldn't be shown... until a few days ago!

I got an email from one of the founders of Screen Novelties, the outfit responsible for this bit of fun.  He mentioned that what you see above isn't even the final version, which is why Marceline has no face until she's right on top of you.  But it's pretty close.

I primarily worked on the opening array of trees, the candy castle (in multiple scales), and most of the candy people in that scene.

Here's the original opening for comparison:

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AC said...

great work as always, octopunk!