Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Happy Birthday JPX!

It's that time of the year again!  AGAIN?  Yes, the co-founder of the ludicrous contest that is Horrorthon is marking another year on the planet today.  I hope he's taking a day off and going to the beach.

In addition to failing to get a fresher picture of him, I'm going to slack further and re-post some stuff I said in last year's birthday post:

"JPX and I have been friends since fourth grade and have therefore shared the most ridiculous adventures life offers (when you're not yet old enough to drink). Like the time he inspired me to climb successfully out of his upstairs window by aiming a drawn arrow at my face, or the time he discovered a jellied mass of fish eggs and without a moment's hesitation threw it at a friend of ours. Wait a second, he's a jerk!

Well sure, but there's also the way we were never bored because there was always another building in town we could scale. Or how I walk the cool aisles of toy stores today and always feel like he's there next to me. Or the fact that his taste in music is rooted forever in the sounds of 80's pop and 90's techno, just like mine."

All still true.  He really is a jerk.  Please provide some birthday props!


AC said...

happy birthday, jpx! hope you are celebrating, relaxing, and enjoying your day!

Catfreeek said...

Happy Birthday!

DCD said...

YAY! Happy Birthday, JPX! I was at the beach today and it was excellent - so I definitely hope you were at one as well. Unless you don't like the beach, then I hope you were ensconced in an air conditioned movie theater of your choice!


JPX said...

Haha, thanks for the memories, Octo! Thanks guys, I had a nice day on Narragansett Beach. I eventually left once the place was overrun by annoying teenagers (I'm officially old!).