Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I broke my goddamn tooth!

Ewww! Gross!  Yuck!  I would never post this on Facebook, but since we're a horror blog...

This is a better look at my lower right back molar than I ever wanted, especially because a quarter of it freaking gave up and seceded from my tooth while I was eating chocolate chip cookie dough last week.    I didn't even notice when it happened, so I prefer to think its sacrifice dispatched a tough chip.

As bad as this looks, the pain and discomfort have actually been minimal.  The nerve is shielded by metal, so there's a little bit of cold sensitivity and that's about it.  The main problem is the sharp edge rubbing against my tongue.

I'm getting it fixed Friday.  And I was pleased to find my teeth are otherwise in good shape.


Catfreeek said...

Don't get me started Octo, my mother just had to have 7 teeth removed. Your lucky I don't post the pic of her stitched up gums.

JPX said...

First of all, yuck!




Second, I can't relate because to this day I've never had a cavity!

Or a headache!

Or an earache!

Or a sinus infection!

Or the flu!

Yep, I'm bionic...

Cat, please don't post gross family photos!

Catfreeek said...

Contrary to what you believe I do not take those kind of pictures. Eeew!

DCD said...

Jeez, JPX, you're all braggy and stuff.

AC said...

Gah! Glad you weren't in pain. Disgusting topic but great photo!