Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekly Spider-Bomb! Octopunk to fringe "bulk reading" movement: 1) Take a good look! 2) Sit on it! Aaaaaaaayyyyy.

So I took a week to think about it and I'm going to go back to this as a daily thing.  I started this to keep me on the blog more regularly and to make sure we had content on slow days.  Big story blocks can still be a post-Horrorthon treat.  Enjoy a final feast!

Not shown:  Jameson pondering for a full twenty seconds whether he should kill that punk Peter Parker with lasers.

This is how I like to imagine Tiananmen Square turning out.

Peter Parker gets schooled twice!  Once as a superhero and once as a lowly employee!  Ha ha ha ha! 

"And so you've got a glowing face now, or...?"

Suddenly a lawyer from The Thing pops up to serve Peter papers, simultaneously a lawyer from some porn star goes running after "Iron Jonah."

You mean it won't be a matter at all, because you pretty much just proved you can bag being Spider-Man, trick J. Jonah into doing all the necessary superhero work, and get paid to take pictures of it!  Do everyone a favor and don't blow this sweet ride!

"Now where did I put those nipples?"


JPX said...

This continues to be my favorite Spider-Man story of all time; it's just so ridiculous even by Spider-Man standards!

J.J.J. painted his face on the Iron Man mask??? That's just the silliest thing I've ever heard ion my life.

Apparently anyone can be Iron Man as long as you have access to a suit. This was one (of many) problems I had with Iron Man 3. Why would Stark ever don the outfit again if (a) anyone can wear the armor and (b) he can control the suit via remote control?

DCD said...

The eyebrows and mustache on the outside of the helmet still kill me. Totally ridiculous!!

Anonymous said...

Meh, I still think that the Tarantula story is way better than this story arc. Tony has no idea what's jameson doing with his old Iron Man suit, Peter is refusing to stop Jameson as Spider-Man, and now.... "Iron Johah" is the New hero ?! Whoa.

JPX said...

Anonymous, all the reasons you cite are the reasons I love it - it's so ridiculous!