Wednesday, March 26, 2014

'Phantasm V: Ravager'!

From shocktillyoudrop, The team at Phantasm Archives have thrown a few tidbits about Phantasm 5, or Phantasm V: Ravager, into the news ring this afternoon. (And I think they know quite a bit about this series and what's happening with it.)
Today, we got word that the fifth installment of the franchise is definitely on the way. And Shock had learned it was already shot. Phantasm Archives says that this project has been in the works since 2008. They broke it down bullet point style:
  • The original working title for several years was "Reggie's Tales."
  • The original cast members put in appearances along with some Don Coscarelli regulars.
  • It was partly filmed in Crestline, CA at Reggie Bannister's own home!
  • Many of the familiar series elements are back… the 'Cuda and the sphere especially. Oh, yes… there will be blood!
They did not write this over at the site, but Phantasm Archives was able to confirm to me that none other than David Hartman wrote and directed Phantasm V: Ravager. Hartman is an artist who has done a ton of work for various studios and genre personalities like Rob Zombie. You can see his work here. (He even did Shock Till You Drop's official poster back in '07 when we first launched!)
Don Coscarelli has been supervising the fifth film, so do not think is not involved.

Exclusive: Indiana Jones Taking the James Bond Path?

From latinoreview, Our ever reliable sources (same folks who told us about Rocket Raccoon) are informing us that while Harrison Ford might still play Indiana Jones in the next film of the franchise, the window of making that happen is getting smaller and smaller.
There is a date and if Indiana Jones 5 is not moving forward by then, the studios are 100% prepared to recast a younger Dr. Jones and ready up a new trilogy.
Let’s be realistic, Harrison is not the box office draw he once was and he is only getting older.
Don’t think of it as a reboot but just recasting the same way the James Bond (Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig) movies have been doing for the better part of five decades.
And who just might be one of the actors that the studio is looking at ? The word is that they are looking at several but Bradley Cooper is at the top of the list.
As to who might be writing the next Indy? We are hearing that Frank Darabont might be taking a crack at the franchise once again. All we heard is that Darabont pitched an idea, what that idea is, I have no clue as our source wouldn’t say.
Let’s also get it straight, COOPER doesn’t have the role or signed the deal, it’s just someone who they are looking at to play the role.

Daily Spider-Man! What the what!?! Roadrunner cartoons had more respect for physics than this.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

"Prometheus 2" Gets Scribe, Release Date

"From darkhorizons, Green Lantern" scribe and "Kings" creator Michael Green has signed on to rewrite the script by Jack Paglen ("Transcendence") for the "Prometheus" sequel at 20th Century Fox.
Several sources claim that this film is the "mystery Ridley Scott project" which 20th Century Fox scheduled for March 4th 2016 last week.
The first "Prometheus," originally penned by Jon Spaihts and heavily re-written by "Lost" creator Damon Lindelof, was a sort-of prequel to Scott's 1979 "Alien" and left many unanswered questions.
This follow-up is said to have a "more terrifying tone", will include multiple versions of the android David (Michael Fassbender), and will be more akin to "Alien" than the grander sci-fi of the first "Prometheus". It's not known if the rumored title of "Paradise" will be used, but "Prometheus 2" is certain to be changed.
This marks the second script for Scott that Green is polishing, the scribe is currently polishing the script for Scott's untitled "Blade Runner" film. However, the "Prometheus" follow-up is expected to go first, as early as later this year in fact once Scott wraps "Exodus".

New 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' trailer looks epic!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Daily Spider-Man! Spidey changes mind, lets girder drop on annoying citizens!

Kevin Bacon's hilarious 'Footloose' Tonight Show entrance

'The Grudge' is getting remade...again

From iwatchstuff, Continuing the curse of remaking Ju-on every decade or so, Ghost House Pictures and Good Universe have reportedly set about yet another version of The Grudge. The original remadeGrudge came out in 2004, back when you'd see Sarah Michelle Gellar in movies, and it's since been followed up by two sequels, the latter of those hitting not-theaters just in 2009. As with all those prior chapters, Sam Raimi is producing, and Midnight Meat Train writer Jeff Buhler is providing a script. Now the rest of us can get to the real work of re-remaking Jessica Alba's The Eye.

Daily Spider-Man! More like "Look! The girder's fall-- ... Oh, gross."

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Bishop of Battle

JPX discovered this gem and I thought it was too good not to share. Taken from the 1983 anthology Nightmares, Emilio Estevez plays a gifted arcade game player who makes it to the "next level". Watch and I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

[Octo:  I re-posted this because I think it deserves another shot, plus maybe I won't see my horrible tooth picture when I check in to H-thon.  I've only watched the first couple of minutes so far, but the depiction of the Hispanic video arcade mafia is just too hilarious not to check out.  Check it out!]

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Daily Spider-Man! "I was going to SAVE those men, but instead I'm going to SELL lots of newspapers."

I broke my goddamn tooth!

Ewww! Gross!  Yuck!  I would never post this on Facebook, but since we're a horror blog...

This is a better look at my lower right back molar than I ever wanted, especially because a quarter of it freaking gave up and seceded from my tooth while I was eating chocolate chip cookie dough last week.    I didn't even notice when it happened, so I prefer to think its sacrifice dispatched a tough chip.

As bad as this looks, the pain and discomfort have actually been minimal.  The nerve is shielded by metal, so there's a little bit of cold sensitivity and that's about it.  The main problem is the sharp edge rubbing against my tongue.

I'm getting it fixed Friday.  And I was pleased to find my teeth are otherwise in good shape.

Musicians get Lego treatment in epic photo series

From ew, Lego enthusiast Adly Syairi Ramly took his passion for the plastic figures and turned Legos into famous musicians for a series of photos he shot and edited on his iPhone 5s.
Ramly, who is an assistant vice president for a TV station in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital, started collecting Legos in 2011 and that’s when he decided to take it a step beyond. “One day I thought I should try something fun, like Lego-lize the bands I love,” Ramly tells EW. “It helps me relax, wind down.”
His photos show big bands like The Beatles, The Smiths, and — a highlight — *NSYNC in all their No Strings Attached-glory as Legos. The photos became popular once the Internet discovered them, but Ramly doesn’t have any plans to capitalize on his new-found fame. “To be honest, the only plan I had was to have an exhibition here in Kuala Lumpur,” Ramly says. “To sell [the photos], it never came across my mind. Because it’s something I do in my leisure time, it’s something I love doing.”
Check out all 20 of Ramly’s Lego-tastic photos over at Highsnobiety.

Daily Spider-Man! Thankfully, Peter and MJ stop talking and turn on Plot Point News

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Update on that Peanuts film (that no one bothered to comment on, jerks) - here's the teaaser!

‘Star Wars Episode VII’ Takes Place 30 Years After ‘Return of the Jedi’

From slashfilm, Here’s some actual Star Wars news! (Even if it is minor.) Most of what we know aboutStar Wars Episode VII can be confined to a paragraph, and we know next to nothing about the new story. But today in an earnings call Disney head Bob Iger said thatEpisode VII will take place thirty years after Return of the Jedi. That means the series is aging nearly in real-time along with its fans.
Along with that nugget, Iger confirmed that there will be three new young characters, and several retuning faces.
We don’t have a transcription of Iger’s comments, but this tweet from Ben Fritz serves as the first source:
And the official Star Wars site confirms the info, also saying that the film will definitely start shooting this May.
Many years ago, George Lucas said that the post-Jedi chapters would begin roughly 20 years after Jedi, and that general idea has remained consistent since. So this is no great surprise. (That said, we’ve also heard that we’d see Luke Skywalker in his 30s and 40s, but this would put him closer to 50.) Mostly, this statement confirms what we’ve generally suspected, but any confirmation about Episode VII is welcome at this point.
As for the rest of the confirmed Episode VII details, we know that JJ Abrams will direct at Pinewood Studios in England, with effects by ILM and John Williams returning to score. Ben Burtt will return as sound designer, while Dan Mindel will act as cinematographer. (Shooting on 35mm.) The original Michael Arndt script was revised by Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan.
R2D2 is the only confirmed returning character, but Chewbacca will likely return, and Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill are all but confirmed to reprise their roles. Adam Driver is heavily tipped to play the primary villain.
Star Wars Episode VII releases on December 18, 2015.

Close-call compilation 2014

This will give you the willies...

Good grief, a new Peanuts movie!

From usatoday, Good grief! In fact, very good grief: Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang are taking another crack at the big screen.
The bald, round-headed kid, his dog Snoopy and the rest of the cast of Charles Schulz's beloved comic strip are already the stars of numerous TV specials, including holiday fare such as A Charlie Brown Christmas.
But producer Craig Schulz, one of Charles' sons, believes it's time for a new movie treatment with the animated Peanuts (due out Nov. 6, 2015). The last time Peanuts characters saw feature-length screen time was with 1980'sBon Voyage, Charlie Brown (and Don't Come Back!!).
"It's long overdue," says Schulz. "The fans have been asking for a long time, but we held off until the time was right."
The death of the creator in 2000, after a 50-year career of crafting the strip, further delayed any appearances at the cineplex. Craig Schulz says the family has vigilantly protected the integrity of the characters, leading to a cautious approach in taking on any project.
"I'm way more protective than my father would have been," says Schulz. "Our No. 1 goal was always to be authentic to his work and legacy."
Peanuts, which includes a screenplay from Craig's screenwriter son Bryan and his writing partner Cornelius Uliano, calmed any fears. "With my father's work this is three generation of Shulzes on this film," says Craig.
Also winning approval was director Steve Martino (Ice Age: Continental Drift), who showed he could keep faithful to an iconic story with his 2008 adaptation of Dr. Seuss'sHorton Hears a Who!
The filmmakers are keeping Peanuts' plot details under wraps ("it's about a round-headed kid and his dog, and that's about as far as I'm willing to go," says Craig). But the story will bring together the entire cast from the strips and Bill Melendez's famous television specials, from Pig-Pen to Peppermint Patty.
Additions include the unveiling of Charlie Brown's lifelong crush, known only as "theLittle Red-Haired Girl." Martino is excited about exploring the Peanuts world with detailed animation ("We'll see that Snoopy has soft-white fur") and exploring traditionally imagined realms such as Snoopy's World War I fighter-pilot adventures.
"We're going to fly with Snoopy in his fantasy world," says Martino. "We have a bigger canvas. Bill Melendez got Snoopy off the ground in the TV specials. We're going to take it a step further."
Critics have balked at the notion of a 3-D film with computer-generated imagery for the classic characters. But Craig believes his father would have "embraced the technology."
"It would have been absolutely logical for him to have come onboard," he says. "And it brings you closer into the comic strip."
Producer Paul Feig calls the 3-D "effortless" and says everyone is working to ensure that the "sweet optimism" of the original material remains. "Snoopy will not be rapping, no one will be twerking, we're in good hands," he says.
For Martino, who has memories of reading the Sunday comic strip faithfully, the film and story will remain classic, focusing on Charlie Brown's perpetually positive attitude. He vows to bring this message into a new world, however cynical.
"Charlie Brown is the guy who picks himself up after every fall and tries again. That's what is powerful to me," says Martino. "These characters are known and loved worldwide, and now we have an opportunity to bring them to a new generation."

Monday, March 17, 2014

Daily Spider-Man! Peter takes a call from a mummy in a wig

Daily Spider-Man! I think that's the Excessive Exposition Bureau calling...

Steven Seagall to be the main villain in The Expendables 4?

From expendablespremiere, Take this with a grain of salt for now everyone... 

But, our friends over at the official Italian fan site for Sly Stallone tell us that their sources are reporting Expendables 4 has the green light and that Steven Seagal is close to signing on as the main antagonist of the picture! They also go on to state that the producers are hoping to bring Jackie Chan in for a minor role. Lastly, they have already began discussing shooting locations with Lerner wanting to return to Bulgaria for economic reasons and Sly wanting to shoot in a tropical country such as Mexico or Cuba.

We really hate reporting on rumors, but we trust the staff at, so lets all hope this turns out to be true!!

Batman, Superman To Face Off Against Star-Spangled Man

From iwatchstuff, Following news that Marvel has the balls to put a film up against a Ben Affleck vehicleTHRnow claims to know what film it will be. They say May 6, 2016 will pit Warner Bros.' highly-anticipated Untitled Superman/Batman Project against Captain America 3, Chris Evans' third solo outing as pure blonde patriotism. In the likely event Cap loses at the box office, be easy on him. Superman is a god-like alien, while Captain America is equipped like he forgot to go in the first door in Zelda.

Thor and The Hulk battle over Stan Lee

[Via Lou Ferrigno's Facebook]

Friday, March 14, 2014

Supercut - 1001 Movies You Must See...

...(Before You Die)

A lot of this goes fast, but it's pretty fun.  There is a good horror movie section around the 4:30 mark...

(Found at HuffingtonPost)

Pro-Wrestlers vs. Zombies trailer

From principalitiesofdarkness, The official trailer of the most anticipated Wrestling film in years. The dream cast includes Rowdy Roddy Piper, WWE Hall of Famer Hacksaw Jim Duggan, ECW World Champion The Franchise Shane Douglas, Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle and former WWE superstar Matt Hardy. Also starring Penthouse Pet Taya Parker, Playboy model Reby Sky, and well know adult actor Matthew Rush. Buy your limited edition copy now at

Daily Spider-Man! Jameson suddenly goes all 70s Made-For-TV Movie Sensitive Male on us

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hilarious: Zach Galifinakis interview with Barack Obama

Check it out here.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER receives ecstatic reactions on Twitter

From collider, Last night, Captain America: The Winter Soldier played for press in Los Angeles, and while full reviews are embargoed until March 20th, reporters were free to tweet out their reactions.  We’ve collected some of those tweets, and the praise was effusive.  Steve was among those who saw the film, and tweeted afterwards, “The CAPTAIN AMERICA sequel blew me away. Movie has a fantastic script, amazing action, and great character moments. Just about perfect.”  Earlier this morning, he added “if you missed tweets from last night: CAPTAIN AMERICA sequel is fantastic on every level. Fanboys and casual moviegoers are going to love it” and “until I see it again I won’t say exactly how it compares to other Marvel films, but it’s easily one of the best they’ve ever done.”  Captain America: The First Avenger is my favorite movie of Phase One, and it’s wonderful that the sequel is receiving such high praise; now it’s up to the rest of us to try and keep our expectations in check.

Daily Spider-Man! And what camera is Jameson looking at, exactly?

Monday, March 10, 2014

Is This a Leaked Photo of Ben Affleck as Batman From "Batman vs Superman"?

[via worst previews]

Daily Spider-Man! "Well, it wasn't so much 'destroying' as it was bumming out this one guy while everyone else waved. Back to bed!"

Weekly Spider-Bomb! Octopunk to fringe "bulk reading" movement: 1) Take a good look! 2) Sit on it! Aaaaaaaayyyyy.

So I took a week to think about it and I'm going to go back to this as a daily thing.  I started this to keep me on the blog more regularly and to make sure we had content on slow days.  Big story blocks can still be a post-Horrorthon treat.  Enjoy a final feast!

Not shown:  Jameson pondering for a full twenty seconds whether he should kill that punk Peter Parker with lasers.

This is how I like to imagine Tiananmen Square turning out.

Peter Parker gets schooled twice!  Once as a superhero and once as a lowly employee!  Ha ha ha ha! 

"And so you've got a glowing face now, or...?"

Suddenly a lawyer from The Thing pops up to serve Peter papers, simultaneously a lawyer from some porn star goes running after "Iron Jonah."

You mean it won't be a matter at all, because you pretty much just proved you can bag being Spider-Man, trick J. Jonah into doing all the necessary superhero work, and get paid to take pictures of it!  Do everyone a favor and don't blow this sweet ride!

"Now where did I put those nipples?"

Friday, March 07, 2014

Pleygo Launches Netflix for Legos

From dailycandy, We’re all for play that cultivates motor skills and a budding interest in technology.
We just wish the road to an engineering degree from MIT weren’t paved with forgotten Legos stuck to the bottoms of our feet.
Clear the playroom floor with Pleygo. The just-launched company aims to be the Netflix of Legos, keeping little ones in fresh bricks — and your shelves free of old, abandoned sets.
Subscribe and create a wish list, and the first available set arrives at your doorstep. Once your kiddo completes the Star Wars X-Wing Fighter, toss the pieces in the prepaid box and send back. They’ll be fully sanitized for other little architects, and your tiny tinkerer will receive the next kit in his queue.
There’s no extra charge for lost strays (within reason), returned sets are thoroughly checked, and each shipment contains a bag of spares, just in case.
As for the old Legos taking up valuable towel space in your linen closet? Send in existing sets to start earning credits toward your membership cost. So you can get that much closer to scoring the latest Lego set.
In other words, the new kid on the block.
Available at, $15-$39 a month.

'Pee Wee's Big Adventure' Bike for Sale on Ebay

From movieweb, Tim Burton and Pee Wee Herman fans better move quick! They only have one day to place a bid on the original bike used in the classic 1985 comedy Pee-Wee's Big Adventure. This beautiful red and white beach cruiser served as a co-star and the real object of Pee Wee's affection in the movie, and now it can be yours, if you can match the $14,950.00 asking price.

That's the current bid on eBay, where twenty serious potential buyers are competing to own this piece of Hollywood history. While you'll have to assemble the bike itself (its currently in pieces), it does still include all the bells and whistles (literally) that were seen in the movie. It comes packaged with an autographed picture of Paul Reubens, a photo of him signing the autograph, a certificate of authenticity, and a Warner Bros. spec sheet attached to red cargo boxes that were used to ship and store the bike to and from set.

The seller is only the third owner of the bike. He does not specify if this is a screen used bike, one of the bikes used in the promotion of the movie, or a duplicate made for the movie that went unused. He purchased it in 2010 for $10,000.

This sounds like a once in a lifetime offer, so what are you waiting for? Hurry and bid right now: Click Here!

[JPX UPDATE]  The winning bid was $36,600.  Damn, I had just bid $36,599!

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

‘Human Centipede 3′ First Look

From salshfilm, Here’s a cheery image: the first pic from Tom Six‘s third film in the Human Centipedeseries: Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence]) The shock here may be that the image doesn’t even feature a hint of humans sewn together end-to-end. And while the jail setting doesn’t look all that inviting, it’s a lot better than pretty much anything seen in the second film.
As you can see from the shot, the star of the original film, Dieter Laser, returns for this one, and Laurence R. Harvey, star of the second, is on board as well.
THC Part 3 will be totally different from Parts 1 and 2 and certainly not as gross. But it will be the most controversial one politically-wise. It will have a lot of self-mockery and will be the most darkly comical of the three. Parts 1 and 2 have a very European feel. Part 3 is very American with the highest budget, a big movie score, widescreen, and an XXL human centipede. It’s set in an American maximum security prison in the middle of the desert. Plot-wise I won’t share details yet but if you let your imagination run wild you might get ideas.
Six also explained that the role played by Eric Roberts is “an a–hole governor,” and that this film, the director’s first shot in the US, will hopefully be the first in a string of American productions.
The director also proclaimed that, yes, this film will feature the longest “centipede” of the series, with 500 unfortunate people included. And it was all practical, and probably a giant pain in the, er, ass to do. The chain was achieved, he says, ”by having a lot of brave American extras and doing it the megalomanic way like they did in Spartacus. F— CGI-created things.”
Huh. Don’t remember a human centipede in Spartacus. Maybe I’ll have to watch that again.
The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence) should be unleashed later this year.

Rumored plot for 'Terminator: Genesis'

From slashfilm, According to a report over atMoviehole, the story will reportedly be akin to the back half of "Back to the Future Part II" in that we'll return to and revisit some of the more iconic moments from the first two "Terminator" films.
As this plays with time and alternate timelines though, don't expect events to unfold in the same way. The report says the action will jump between the future, 1984, 1991 and other influential time periods in the life of the Connor family.
This will include everything from the Terminator attacking some punks in the opening scenes of the first, to the death of John Connor's foster parents in the second. In fact, the report claims that many of the supporting characters like the detective from the first film and Sarah's roommate Ginger are all a part of it. As are scenes we've not seen before such as young Sarah and her parents.
If true, it's certainly an ambitious idea with a lot of scope to it - but also a lot of potential downside if it doesn't quite click. Head over to Moviehole for the full report.

Monday, March 03, 2014

Daily Spider-Mini-Bomb! Catching Up Is Hard To Do!

I was all excited to return to the old format before that last round of comments came in...

Listen to that!  Spider-Man's ineffectuality is common knowledge among NYC's crooks.

Hero or Landfill?  Is Peter Parker so low on society's ladder the best his corpse can expect is a mass grave filled with garbage?