Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Blood Feast

(1963) ***

Oh, Herschell Gordon Lewis, how did I ever get by without you? Blood Feast is the last of his movies that I had the honor of sitting through this year and it gets credited for being the first splatter movie ever made! It truly is something special given the gratuitous gore in light of its 1963 release date. Perhaps it never received the attention it deserved because of the unacceptably dreadful acting.

Fuad Ramses is an eccentric caterer who has an unhealthy obsession with Egyptian Goddess Ishtar. When he’s not hacking limbs and gouging out young women's eyeballs, he can be found having lengthy, incoherent conversations with his slutty gold statue. His victims are a gift to Ishtar and their remains are used in the food he serves to his upper class clients. Am I forgetting something? Nope, that’s the whole damn plot. What else do you need?

Like all of Lewis’s whack-jobs, Ramses is never satisfied with merely killing his victims. He relishes in the most brutal and outrageous murders imaginable. There’s ripping out the innards, crispy charred cooking and yanking the tongue out with your bare hands gag.

The recently released cleaned up DVD really draws attention to the excessive makeup, fake eyebrows, bright blue hair and even brighter red blood. While many would rightfully mock these deficiencies, I found them rather charming.


I'mnotMarcbutmyboyfriendis said...

his name is Fuad? that's the stupidest name this side of "welcome to woop woop"

JPX said...

You've sold me on Herschell Gordon Lewis! I can't believe that we've never heard of this guy before. Check out his filmography, it's an entire Horrorthon!

Blood Feast 2: All U Can Eat (2002)

The Blood Trilogy Outtakes (1996) (V)

The Gore Gore Girls (1972)
... aka Blood Orgy (USA)

Black Love (1972) (as R.L. Smith)

Year of the Yahoo! (1972)

This Stuff'll Kill Ya! (1971)
... aka The Devil Wears Clodhoppers (USA)

The Wizard of Gore (1970)

Miss Nymphet's Zap-In (1970) (as Sheldon Seymour)

Linda and Abilene (1969) (as Lewis H. Gordon)

The Ecstasies of Women (1969) (as Lewis H. Gordon)

How to Make a Doll (1968)
... aka How to Love a Doll

Just for the Hell of It (1968)
... aka Destruction, Inc.

Suburban Roulette (1968)

Alley Tramp (1968) (as Armand Parys)
... aka Alley Tramps
... aka I Am a Woman
... aka Pleasure Me, Master

She-Devils on Wheels (1968)

The Magic Land of Mother Goose (1967)
... aka Santa Visits the Magic Land of Mother Goose
... aka Sarah Visits the Magic Land of Mother Goose

Blast-Off Girls (1967)

The Girl, the Body, and the Pill (1967)

Something Weird (1967)

The Gruesome Twosome (1967)

A Taste of Blood (1967)
... aka The Secret of Dr. Alucard

Jimmy, the Boy Wonder (1966)
... aka Jimmy, the Wonder Boy

Color Me Blood Red (1965) (as Herschell G. Lewis)
... aka Model Massacre

Monster A Go-Go (1965) (uncredited)

Sin, Suffer and Repent (1965)

Moonshine Mountain (1964)
... aka White Trash on Moonshine Mountain

Two Thousand Maniacs! (1964)
... aka 2,000 Maniacs

Scum of the Earth (1963) (as Lewis H. Gordon)
... aka Devil's Camera

Bell, Bare and Beautiful (1963) (as Lewis H. Gordon)

Goldilocks and the Three Bares (1963) (as Lewis H. Gordon)
... aka Goldilocks' Three Chicks

Blood Feast (1963)
... aka Egyptian Blood Feast (USA: reissue title)
... aka Feast of Flesh (USA)

Boin-n-g (1963) (as Lewis H. Gordon)

Nature's Playmates (1962) (as Lewis H. Gordon)

Daughter of the Sun (1962) (as Lewis H. Gordon)

Living Venus (1961)

The Adventures of Lucky Pierre (1961) (as Lewis H. Gordon)

The Prime Time (1960) (as Gordon Weisenborn)
... aka Hell Kitten