Thursday, November 01, 2007

Cathy's Curse

(1976) **1/2

George and Vivian, along with George’s 8-year old daughter, Cathy, move into George’s childhood home. Years earlier George’s sister and father were killed in a terrible car accident and now, for reasons never really explained, the spirit of George’s sister remains in the house. After exploring the house, Cathy finds a hideous doll in the attic and soon she’s carrying it everywhere she goes, throwing temper tantrums if it’s not with her. Over time Cathy begins to act increasingly peculiar and it becomes clear that her dear old aunt, again for no reason ever explained, is possessing Cathy. Mostly this means that she becomes really annoying. She becomes telekinetic, she makes things blow up just by looking at them, she makes ghosts appear, and she is even able to teleport. Some of this stuff isn’t so innocent. At one point, channeling the Bad Seed, Cathy stabs a child in the eye with a stick. Later she kills a dog and then some lady. All the while this is going on she calls everyone a ‘bitch’ and a ‘whore’. Eventually the source if Cathy’s possession becomes clear, the doll! Destroy the doll and the curse will be broken, right?

Boy oh boy, what a ridiculous story. I have a soft spot for these mid-70s horror movies. I especially love the fx. At one point Cathy is asked to bring her stepmother lunch. As she’s carrying the sandwich stop-motion animation makes it ‘rot’ before our eyes. This is the type of film where teleportation is achieved by stopping the camera, having the actress leave the scene, and starting the camera again. Yes, yes, it’s all cheese, but it’s fun, stupid cheese. Only recommended for hard-core Horrorthonners.

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Maze said...

VERY INTERESTING... I must add this movie to my list! Thanks!