Monday, July 30, 2012

Box office report: 'Dark Knight Rises' wins again with $64.1 million; nobody watches 'The Watch'

From ew, Alright, here are the facts about The Dark Knight Rises:

• Warner Bros.’ $250 million sequel is an utterly huge movie.
• It earned $64.1 million in its second weekend (a 60 percent drop).
• It has grossed $289.1 million after ten days.
• This total is less than the The Dark Knight had earned at the same point in its run ($313.8 million), and that’s fine.
• This total is also less than the The Avengers had earned at the same point in its run ($373.1 million), and that’s also fine.
• Overseas, the film has already grossed $248.2 million, and its headed for a finish between $900 million and $1 billion worldwide.

The reality is that it doesn’t matter if the conclusion to Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy beats any other film at the box office — The Dark Knight Rises is a truly gigantic hit that will have the suits at the studio very, very happy.

That said, the film is certainly performing below initial expectations. Things looked rather dire on Friday, when Rises had to compete against the widely watched Olympic opening ceremonies and earned $18.1 million — a whopping 76 percent drop from its first Friday. But it stabilized nicely over the rest of the weekend. Rises ticked up 44 percent on Saturday to $25 million and is estimated to earn another $21.1 million today. Altogether, that’s $64.1 million — good for a robust $14,549 per theater average — but a 60 percent drop from the film’s $160.9 million debut.

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