Saturday, July 21, 2012

Meh - Man of Steel trailer kind of blows


Octopunk said...

Hmm. My feeling isn't that it blows but that it comes too close to that crazy, self-indulgent Jesus tone of Bryan Singer's screwed-up movie. Plus it kind of boosts that stinger shot (breaking the sound barrier) from trailers for the first Iron Man. And I don't like that overly designed S.

Okay, maybe the trailer does blow. But it still suggests the possibility of a good flick.

JPX said...

Given that the last Superman kind of sucked (I fell asleep) I would have shown 90 seconds of action in order to say, "Don't worry, ours is better". Except for 5 seconds of Supes flying, the rest looked like "World's Deadliest Catch". I'm certain it will be a good movie but is this really suppose to entice the audience? When I saw Dark Knight Rises (awesome, by the way) the audience was silent after The Man of Steel Trailer played (imagine silence punctuated by throat clearing).

God I hope this isn't another fucking origin story.