Friday, July 27, 2012

Watch The Epic 6-Minute Cloud Atlas Trailer

From giantfreakinrobot, One of the most anticipated movies of this fall is the new film from the Wachowskis, Andy and Lana (Speed Racer, the Matrix Trilogy) and German director Tom Tykwer (Run Lola Run). We got a first look of actors Tom Hanks, Hallie Barry, Jim Broadbent and Ben Whishaw in Cloud Atlas yesterday.

Now a 6-minute trailer from Warner Bros and Focus Features International has surfaced, leaving more questions than answers of how these story elements will fit together. Watch…


Abduscias said...

Wow! That looks great!

Octopunk said...

Agreed! That was actually quite moving.

I started watching this morning but only got through a minute of it, was noting the distinct lack of robots, ninjas and car-fu. Now I'm looking forward to it.

The clone storyline looks especially fun, and I'm only partly saying that because of the explosions and speeder bikes.