Monday, December 02, 2013

Octopunk's Review Bomb

Kill, Baby... Kill!

1966  ****

I had great luck with Bava this year.  Kill, Baby... Kill! not only has an exclamation point but also combines all the best features of the Bava supernatural folk tale vibe I've sampled a lot of in recent years.  And there's a decent creepy little girl in it, too.  Drawbacks would be the somewhat cookie-cutter good looking hero couple and the repeated little girl laugh that's supposed to sound scary but comes out forced.

Blood Tea and Red String

2006  **

Gong!  Kudos to Cat for finding a stop-motion horror movie but what the hell with this crap?  Knowing as I do how much time it takes to make stop motion animation, watching stop motion animation that mercilessly drags ON and ON makes absolutely no sense to me because it represents weeks of work during which the person should have had ample time to come to their senses.  Mice playing cards!

Yongary, Monster from the Deep

1967  ***

Drab yet endearing Korean kaiju knockoff, featuring a cast, monster and miniature sets all a little bit blander than their Japanese counterparts.  Despite less convincing tiny world, Yongary displays an appropriate thuggishness about wrecking as much of it as possible.  All badassery is compromised when he's poisoned like a rat and we pull back from a closeup on the river as he shits himself upon death.

Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster

1966  ***1/2

This is more like it!  This features a villain with an eyepatch, a dance marathon, and several Polynesian-style big dance numbers dedicated to a giant moth.

Landshark kindly said I'd never mail in a review of a kaiju flick, and I'm disappointed I left two behind this year.  I'll get back to them.


2012  *****

Man, this movie blew me away and I wasn't expecting it.  Another one I'll have to revisit because I wanna go on and on about why I think it's great.  

And that's it!  I feel like we all had a tough time finding time this year.  I know I did, plus I kept falling asleep.  Both the Bava flick and Yongary took me three nights to finish, and they're good!  I just kept dozing.

No matter!  I've got some great ideas for next year and this was a particularly busy time.  See you folks for some Best Ofs?  I'll get mine going tomorrow.  Then I gotta catch us up on Spider-Man.



JPX said...

Great job, Octo! You watched a lot of bad movies this year but I am happy that you found a few diamonds in the rough. It definitely makes it more difficult to write about a movie that was just plain bad rather than one that you get excited about. I'm impressed with your output however given all the obstacles in your life.

What's JSP's excuse?

AC said...

agreed, you waded through a lot of crap this year but also had some good finds. "sinister" sounds intriguing and hope to hear more about it some time.