Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Oy! Santa! I never got a Micronauts Mobile Exploration Lab

 Okay, here's my answer to JPX's post below.  I really, really wanted this thing and never got one.  As a matter of fact, I don't think I've ever even seen one in real life.  The Mobile Exploration lab is, as you can see, some sort of highly ill-advised combo of jet car and towering inhabitable robot.  It wasn't the vehicle you see here that enticed me so.

The trick to Micronauts were the ubiquitous pegs and holes that adorned every one of their toys, so that you could combine and switcheroo parts to your child's heart's content.  Observe the image above, which comes from a catalog pamphlet thingie that came with several Micronaut toys (I've searched for this image before and I'm delighted to have finally found it).  It features a smattering of possible (mostly stupid) homemade combinations, and one of them still sends my heart pitter-pattering with its coolness.

This guy.  It's the stripped-down base of the Mobile Exploration Lab with a clear dome inserted in the robot tower hole, and oh my god just look at the awesome.  I wanted to swoosh that thing around the house in the worst way, and it never happened.

I'm not sure I would even want a Mobile Exploration Lab today.  Micronauts were flimsily made; of all my toys, they were the worst at surviving the ravages of boy-ownership and time.  But I still like the look of that combo vehicle, so perhaps I'll boost the design for a Lego ship.  Progress!


JPX said...

What do you mean you never saw this set? I had it!!! We used to play with it in my basement, don't you remember? It was every bit as cool as you dreamed it would be. Alas, it was lost to the ages but I've always intended to get it back...

Octopunk said...

Really? Hmm. I'm dredging up vague memories of seeing the robot tower part, but I'm pretty sure I never got to swoosh the ship I showcased. It was released in 1976, and you and I weren't really hanging out until 4th grade (78-79), so I suspect the key components had already headed out with the aforementioned ages.

If anything, seeing your fragmentary one probably just teased me further. Thanks a lot!

Benjamin said...

I had this set and it was the corner stone of my play for years. You could redesign and recombine it a thousand different ways. I've had dreams about it as an adult. It's pretty spectacular,as I remember. ∞B