Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Welcome to Yesterday trailer looks great!


Johnny Sweatpants said...

That looks promising! Although, why does time travel always have to cause such dire consequences in movies? I'd like to see a movie where they have fun messing around for two hours.

Octopunk said...

It's Chronicle with a time machine!

This does look great but I hope they keep their shit together. Just in that trailer there's hints of you-can-change-history and you-can't-change-history, which aren't compatible concepts (ie. why did he go to his own 7th birthday party in the first timeline, the one that results in the time machine being assembled?).

I like the idea of a butterfly effect that is far too complex for them to trace the causalities.

I assume he destroys the video tape.

DCD said...

Always destroy the videotape.

JPX said...

I immediately thought of Chronicle as well - that movie does not get the credit it deserves! They are working on a sequel.