Friday, September 28, 2012

Horrorthon Countdown Challenge Day 3! There Are No Rules! Except Actually There Are Some!

Good morning, you groovy cats! I thought I'd go over our procedures today and save the weekend for goofy stuff. We had some new rules last year that worked out great, and this year we have no new players to induct into the games, so this should be easy. I'm going to lead off with the basics.

Follow these easy steps!

1. Watch horror movies between midnight on September 30th and midnight on October 31st, with a grace period for the movie you started on Halloween night that didn't end at midnight.

2. Post reviews of your movies on Horrorthon to get them counted.

3. Maximum of two reviews posted daily, but this limit is revoked once the deadline is a week away (that last part can be called "the Octopunk clause" after my last-ditch behavior in 2011).

4. Maximum of five movies viewed that are only one hour (or less) in length.

5. ALL reviews must be in by midnight local time on the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend (November 25th this year).

6. Winner is the one who watches the most movies.

Last year everyone wrapped up with their Best Of post and then we did a post in which we voted for some of our favorite 'thon activity from our fellows (which for now I'm calling "Fan Favorites" because it's catchy).

Best Of categories:

All-Around Favorite Movie
Best Hidden Gem Movie
Worst Movie
Best So Bad It's Good Movie
Most Disturbing Movie: Carved
Goriest Movie
Scariest Movie
Best Looking Monster
Most Memorable Death
Most Avoidable Death

Fan Favorite categories

Straight-up Most Movies Watched (obviously we don't vote on this one)
All-around favorite review
Funniest review
Best So Bad It's Good review
Best discovery
Most obscure discovery
Best coverage of a theme or series
Best screenshot
Funniest comment

At this point I want to suggest a change. Instead of doing the latter set of votes in the comments of a post, I wonder if maybe everyone should present their Best Ofs and then Fan Favorites in one big Wrap-Up post. You know, first talk about your own 'thon and then about others'.

I haven't gone into some of our regular categories like how to use the 5-star scoring system or what qualifies as a horror movie. We covered a lot of that in last year's Horrorthon lead-up which you can review here. (And check the discussion, too. There's a lot.)

Today's challenge is more about chatter. Sound off if you like the plan, and as ever suggestions and comments are always welcome.

Oh, and also...

HORRORTHOOOOOOON!!! My first pile of discs arrived yesterday and I am SO amped! Kinda can't believe I can't watch any until midnight Sunday.


Octopunk said...

I will lead off with a good piece of advice on the Fan Favorite front: keep track of yours during October itself, especially for tough things to search for like comments. I had a vote for "funniest comment" that I was never able to find again, such is the crazy density of Horrorthon.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

I'm enraged that Horrorthon doesn't start until Monday! Of all the rotten luck!

My advice for those on the west coast is to go out and enjoy the sunshine this last weekend before the madness begins. Go frolic, have a picnic, smell the flowers and what not. After checking the weather my advice for the east coasters is to spend the weekend staring at the rain from your bedroom windows while looking sad.

DCD said...

I agree with you on the Fan Favorite thing, Octo. I don't remember participating that much in that part last year because I was SO overwhelmed thinking about going back into the fray, as it were.

I, for the first time, am going to be on vacation for the last 5 days of H-thon! I'm hoping this will help bring my numbers up this year! WHOOT, HORRORTHON!!

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Up your nose with a rubber hose JPX.

AC said...

mr. ac and i will also be on vaca at the end of the month, will probably not be able to watch anything past the 25th (sob). hopefully at least we can lurk and read reviews.

JPX said...

Where are you guys going, AC?